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Where and How to Hook Up With Moscow Girls in 2020

Russian Women


"...so I told her let's get out of here, my apartment is really close."

"And what about her friend?"

"We wanted to take her with us but I think she was hooking up with another guy already. She was pretty wasted man. What a shame, that would have been even more epic."

"Yea man but still, that girl is waayyy hotter than the girls in the clubs here."

"I know, right? And look what she sent me yesterday..."


Does that sound like a dialogue you would like to have after visiting Moscow?

If not, you should probably not be reading this site.

This dialogue sounds all too familiar to me. And if you come to Moscow, there's a pretty good chance that you too will have a good story to tell later.

There's just this little issue:

You need to know where to go and what to do to meet nice Russian girls.

Pretty much any sane guy with a pair of functioning balls dreams about coming to Moscow and hooking up with a hot Russian girl.

Now if you want to get the top notch girls in Moscow, you are going to have to do a bit more than just show up with your foreign passport.

But if you just want to party and enjoy a jolly good time (and maybe more), then get pen and paper out now:

The Top 5 Moscow nightclubs to hook up with Russian girls in 2020


Gipsy is Moscow's hotspot for tourists and foreigners. I think the concentration of non-Russians is easily the highest among all the nightclubs in Moscow. Funny enough, this is also the only club, besides designated expat places, where I've ever met girls that are not from Russia.

Gipsy is perfect to have a fun night out in a loud and pumping nightclub with cool music and decent interior. Their door isn't hard anymore nowadays, so you should have no problems getting in, especially if you (know how to dress).

There's always a ton of people there. Most of them lean on the younger side and drink a lot. Especially if you're under 25, you shouldn't find it too hard to have some fun in there.

How to meet someone

If you're into dancing, go and do your thing on the packed dancefloor. Older cats like me will prefer the front part of the club where you can actually have a conversation. Remember that most girls are in the 18-23yo range and a lot of them get pretty hammered as well. It's also much less posh than a lot of other Moscow clubs.


Come if you drink a lot and want to hook up with a young Russian girl.

Secret Room

Secret Room is Moscow's premier place for pretentious and spoiled teenagers that like to drink too much. This table-heavy boutique RnB club is infamous for attracting the sort of clientele that doesn't mind a big bill because they don't have to pay it themselves.

This works in your favor because heavy boozing is the norm in there. It's not rare to see the teenagers completely shitfaced past 3 AM. 

How to meet someone:

The club is tiny. Your only option if you don't have a table is lingering around the bar and preying on the girls that don't have a table either but hope to be invited to one. There are plenty of those so don't worry. If you do have a table (you should) then simply invite every single attractive girl in the club and make sure the alcohol keeps flowing.


Come if you like drunk and pretentious teenage girls that shake their asses to the Drake and Kanye. 

Varka Gastrokvartal

Varka is the rebranded and renovated version of the old Jagger Bar. With renovation came also a few changes to its target audience.

Jagger used to be a 21+ club. Varka isn't. In fact, the crowd at Varka is very young. The club is a smash hit among well-off students from Moscow's top universities. 

The parties are still as wild as ever and maybe even more so. It's become a bit more pretentious but people still get completely hammered here.

How to meet someone:

In Varka meeting someone is super easy. You can try on the small and packed dancefloor or chat someone up at the massive bar. Or you can simply wander around the terrace, which is crazy popular in summer. 


Come if you want a crazy good time and maybe hook up with a Russian student girls.


Lesnoy is one of the best preparty venues on the Moscow nightlife map. It follows the typical Moscow layout of being a restauraunt that is also a club. 

If you come early, around 11PM or so, you’ll find about 20 hot women on the tiny dance floor with no men disturbing the fun. I’m not even kidding because this is what actually happens. Valenok is best for guys between 25 and 40, who are looking for girls in their twenties. Not too young but not old either.

How to meet someone:

The little dance floor and the area around the bar are the places to be, especially when it’s early and the ratios are still outrageously good. In summer there are also the smoking patio and the outside bar that are good for meeting girls. It’s a nicer venue, so dress and behave appropriately. 


You most likely won’t take girls straight back home from Lesnoy because it has a preparty vibe, rather than fast and loose. But you can definitely get a full directory of contacts or leave with girls to a hotter venue.


Miks is your best chance if you have struck out by the time all the “normal” clubs are closing. It is one of the most popular afterparty clubs in Moscow and definitely has “that kind of” reputation.

Most people are either drunk, high or something else. It’s also full with good-looking women even though a lot of them are unattainable because they are either paid to be there or leave early. But fear not, even at 9am in the morning people come in to get fucked up even more.

If you really want to force it, Miks is a great option. You do get the whole variety of ages and styles, even if most girls in Miks have resting bitch faces.

How to meet someone:

My tip is to be really aggressive with approaching girls since by that time no one really gives a damn anymore. Roll the dice and make your intentions clear quickly. The crowd in Miks is not "good", if you know what I mean.


Come if you are trying to hook up with a Russian girl until you physically can’t take it any more.

The Top 3 spots to meet girls in moscow outside of clubs

Moscow is a city with more than 15 million inhabitants, which means you have an abundance of options to meet girls outside of nightlife as well. If you aren’t a night owl, or a raging alcoholic like me, then note down these three spots that are ideal for meeting Moscow girls during the day.


My personal favorite way of meeting Russian women outside of nightlife are parks. In Moscow you don’t really need to look any further than Gorky Park.

In the warmer months Gorky Park feels more like an amusement park. There are tons of activities that you can do: rent out a bike or a scooter, play boccia or beach volleyball, sit in one of the numerous cool cafés and bars or simply bask in the sun. It is made for meeting girls.

Besides Gorky Park there’s also Park Muzeon, which is really only an extension of it, and Zaryade just behind the Kremlin. Both are great for meeting girls. Avoid Sokolniki for that purpose because it is not as young and more a family-oriented park.

How to meet someone:

Everyone is in a chill and playful mood; people are enjoying the good weather and loving life. Lots of girls come to the park on their own, simply to take a walk or read a book. It does not get any easier than this. Spring up a conversation and invite her for a drink or to do something fun with you. Gorky Park is of course also a great date location if you have already met a girl somewhere else.

Gorky Park Moscow

The entrance to Gorky Park

Galleries & Museums

I’ll admit that I am not much of an art person. The only reason why I’d actually go to a gallery would probably be to on a date. But I’m the first person to admit that it’s a great way of meeting girls. Funny enough, I and a friend stumbled upon this idea by coincidence a few years ago when we visited the Hermitage in St.Petersburg and barely paid attention to the actual expositions.

Russian women love arts, galleries and exhibitions. It’s part of their identity of being a cultured woman. You can instantly connect with them, even if you are completely clueless about arts. The conversation topic is already there for you. No problem if you’re a bit dumb and don’t know anything about Russian culture as she’ll be eager to each you.

Galleries are great for that because you can meet a totally different type of woman than in a club for example. Funny enough, some girls in Moscow you can meet at both. The best galleries are the old and new Tretyakov gallery, exhbitions in the Artplay creative cluster or museums like the Pushkin museum. Arguably, St.Petersburg is even better in terms of culture than Moscow.

How to meet someone:

It’s as simple as going there and starting to talk to the girls that are visiting as well. Sounds absolutely groundbreaking, I know. But there’s really nothing more to it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re knowledgeable or clueless about art or culture if you want to talk about it. You only have to be genuine. Show some real interest and curiosity in the exhibition that you’re visiting.

Make a comment to a girl about how a painting makes you feel or what the artist probably felt while working on it. Then ask her what she thinks. You’ll be stunned to see how easy you can actually start a conversation.

Meet girls like her, only Russian and hotter


Who says you have to go to restaurants only for the food?

Often the best restaurants are full of attractive women as well. These girls won’t have their guard up as much as they might in a nightclub. In Moscow, people eat fairly late in restaurants. You will often see entire groups of girls that go out for dinner first and plan the rest of the night over one or two bottles of wine. They’re already in a social mood so it’s the perfect opportunity to scoop up their numbers and be in touch later at night.

A lot of nightclubs are actually a hybrid of a restaurant and a club. People come to eat and stay for the party. You can find an entire category of reviews here. Other household names that combine decent food and attractive Russian women are “Sixty” and “Insight” (both restaurants located in the skyscrapers in Moscow city) and “White Rabbit”.

Bonus tip: this works just as well at middle class restaurants. You would be stunned how many beautiful women you can meet in “Chaihona” restaurants.

How to meet someone:

Of course you cannot go running around the restaurant, trying to collect numbers like you have a petition to sign. In restaurants it’s about the quality, not the quantity of the contact.

The best seats are at, or close to, the bar. From there it’s all about looking for little clues and indicators that the girls are interested in you. Did she (or they) glance over? Even more than once? That’s just the invitation you need.

Go over, introduce yourself and make short chit-chat about how the evening is going and what’s still planned for the remainder of the night. Keep yourself brief, get the contact and get out of there. Unless she is by herself, all you need is her contact in order to meet again later that evening or another time.

The 2 Best Dating Apps in Moscow 

When you come to Moscow, your time might be somewhat limited. So ideally you want to have already a couple of girls set up that you can meet once you're in the city. 

That's where the app come in. There's a jungle of dating apps in Russia but I cut out the BS for you and focused on the three most important ones you need to know for maximum success.


Ease of use

Like Mamba, Badoo is an international dating network with a strong presence in Russia. It also works from your PC.

The app's interface is very similar to Mamba's. As with almost all apps you can choose to log in with one of your social media accounts and start swiping away almost immediately. Badoo works like Tinder used to back in the day: all the girls that swiped right on you will come up right at the beginning of your session.

The app works well in the free version, better than Mamba. But as with almost all apps nowadays you need the premium version to get the best out of it.

Quality of girls

I'd say Badoo is in terms of quality somewhere up there with Mamba. Both of the apps are fairly similar, meaning that you'll have plenty of quality and variety waiting for you.


It's one of the Top 3 online dating apps in Russia, meaning you're unlikely to run out of girls to swipe on. It's popular outside of Moscow as well.

Final verdict:

Like Mamba this is one of the apps that you cannot skip if you really mean business and want to start meeting Russian girls online. It's better than Mamba in the free version but also has more annoying ads that you have to tolerate.


Ease of use

Tinder is the elder statesman of online dating, so I reckon it doesn't need any more introduction. You will definitely want to get Tinder Plus if you want to use it. Without you're fighting an unfair battle against the algorithm right from the start. With Tinder Plus, you get way more matches and your profile is being shown to more users. 

Overall, I prefer the detailed filter options that you find in local apps. Still, Tinder the reference for every other dating app.

Quality of girls

Tinder is the one of the best dating apps when it comes to quality. Girls that are more or less explicitly looking for someone are going to have Mamba and Badoo. But pretty much every other girl will have Tinder on her phone. Whatever your taste is, you can find her on Tinder.


Extremely popular and second only to actual social media apps like Instagram and Vkontakte. It doesn't have the same online dating feel like other apps, so it's more respected from girls' perspectives.

Final verdict:

Even if its best days are far behind it, Tinder is still a must have when it comes to dating apps in Russia.

5 Golden Tips you need to know to get laid in moscow

Tip #1: Dress Sharp

Dressing sharp in Moscow nightlife is not an option.

It’s a requirement.

The dress code in nightlife is formal and sharp. Be my guest and try to hit the try to hit the clubs with a more casual style. Just don’t be surprised if that doesn’t get any Moscow girl’s panties wet.

Dress codes that WILL get you girls’ attention:

  • Slim-fit suits: this never fails and the more fitting the suit the better.
  • Loudly colored pocket squares: I could write a whole article about how often girls in Moscow start talking to you because of them.
  • Daring color combinations: look at those gentleman on the picture below and you’ll know what I mean.

Dress like a playboy and you’ll have more attention than you’ll know what to do with. Obviously you don’t want to roll into an underground club in a three piece suit. Dress appropriate. But at any average or better club, dress the hell up.

These gents are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression in Moscow

Tip #2: Speak in a foreign language (and speak Russian too)

Girls in Moscow will tell you it doesn’t matter but since when do the fish give the fisherman advice?

Being a foreigner still has a lot of appeal.

Foreigners are quite common now in Moscow. That alone definitely won’t get you laid. But being a foreigner that follows these tips will put you head and shoulders above the rest.

But which languages are “in demand”?

In my experience these work particularly well:

  • French: Russian girls are simply in love with Paris and they can identify French, so this is an instant winner.
  • English: still works well enough but it has become very common. If you have your shit together though, it’s still going to get you attention.
  • Italian: hell, even I give respect to well-dressed Italian gentlemen. Now imagine how well that works on Moscow girls. Just don’t be too expressive with your body language.

Any other languages might be “too hard” for Russian women to identify or they’re simply not sexy enough. Trust me, as a German-speaker I know what I’m talking about.

However, that's only going to get you so far. Cause once you open your mouth and can't say a word of Russian...not good!

No I know that learning Russian is probably not feasible for most people. 

But here's a Pro Tip:

Already five to ten phrases of Russian will make a huge impression.

And here's the part that no one tells you about (but I will):

Make sure you put an extra effort into your pronunciation.

I CANNOT stress how important that is. Five sentences of well-pronounced Russian trump 20 of broken Russian. Trust me on that. If you get stuck you can simply say you just started learning on the plane but you like languages. The damage has already been done. You'll thank me later.

Tip #3: Have extremely confident body language

I could do a whole damn guide on this one because it is so important.

Russian women lap up confidence like little kittens lap up their milk. The key word here is extremely.

Moscow is full of money and guys that can buy almost anything they want.

Do they all have game though? Nah.

If you’re relaxed and confident, the women in Moscow will sniff you out like a dog that’s been trained to identify crime suspects. Think cool, calm and collected but not a show-off. You’re not going to win an arms race showing off your possessions.

If you’re not naturally confident, there’s nothing wrong with having a drink or two to help you relax. But don’t rely on getting drunk to get the courage to talk to Russian ladies. That will help neither your game, nor your body language. Russia is already full of drunken guys trying to get laid with attractive women. A drunken foreigner is not better than a local.

Tip #4: Use the power of your eyes

This is such an underrated aspect of body language that it needs to be addressed in an extra point.

If you followed the tips until now, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a ton of attention already.

So when the girls in Moscow actually start eyeing you, what do you do?

Definitely do NOT look away or look down at the floor. Don’t freak out because you’re nervous. No, no, no. Then you’re already behind on the scoreboard before the game’s even begun.

If a Russian girl looks at you, give her a long, deep look. Your eyes will get locked in and you’re not going to be the first to look away. Don’t stare but instead look at her like you’re looking inside her.

You know that old saying “the eyes are the window of the soul”?

That’s also a Russian expression.

Especially if you’re in a club with a lot of noise and a lot of distractions, your eyes are a very important tool to communicate what you want.

I can’t even recall how many times girls have commented on the look in my eyes. It’s ten times more important with girls in Russia than anywhere else.

Tip #5: Have an equally well-dressed friend

You know the cheerleader effect? The cheerleader effect says that people in a group look more attractive than if they’re on their own.

This works on women too.

Try rolling out solo. Then try going out with a friend who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Then go out with someone who has his shit together.

All of you who have been there are nodding in agreement right now.

Again, in Moscow this effect is magnified because there aren’t enough attractive men to match the amount of hot women.

The cheerleader effect in Moscow works until about a group size of three. Two guys are ideal, three is good as well. Anything above that and you’ll start looking like a football team, no matter how well-dressed you are.

I came to Russia in 2014 to study. I thought I would leave after one year to pursue a boring office job. But this country offers the adventures and opportunities that you don’t find anymore in the West. I decided to stay in the Wild East.

If you’re sociable, communicative and speak their language, Russians love you. I was decent at the former two and I learned the latter. These days my Russian is fluent and I keep improving my communication skills every day.

I strongly believe that confidence and persistence are the keys to success when dealing with Russia and its people. My mission is to help you to establish a connection with this amazing country, be it through dating, life or language.

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