November 30

The Ultimate Guide to Slavic Women (with photos)

Russian Women


Do you prefer Slavic women or Western women? Well... do you even know the difference between Slavic women and Western women?


I don't know about you but Slavic women are definitely my favorite type.

This article that will show you the nuts and bolts of what you need to know about Slavic women.

After years of experience dealing with them, I learned some important lessons.

I distilled them into the Ultimate Guide for Western Men about Slavic Women.

That will set you miles apart from all the other clueless foreigners.

It will help you to identify Slavic girls and make them fall HARD for you. 

Not all Slavic women are the same

If you’ve seen Hostel, you probably think that all Slavic girls are hot but you might get drugged and your organs will be sold.

It’s not quite like that.

Slavs are very different from one another.

Although all our language are similar, most of the times we cannot understand each other.

As far as the women go, they are NOT THE SAME AT ALL.

There are three types of Slavic women: West Slavic, East Slavic and South Slavic.

All of them have completely different looks and personality traits.

All you need to know about South Slavic women

South Slavic women are from the Balkan Peninsula. That are all countries of former Yugoslavia (literally: South Slavia):

  • Bosnian women
  • Bulgarian women
  • Croatian women
  • Macedonian women
  • Montenegrin women
  • Serbian women
  • Slovenian women

In the countries in the north like Slovenia and Croatia, you get a mix of girls. Some will be blond and have fair skin color, some will be darker brunettes, some will be tall and skinny, some bustier, some are spinners.

The rule of thumb is: the farther South you go, the darker and taller the women get.

hot slavic woman


Plenty of Slovenian women look like her. Of course, there's a lot of variety even in Slovenia and that's why you cannot put your finger one THE one type, I've been to Slovenia and I've seen all types of women. They are surprisingly cute but not as attractive as in Croatia or Serbia.

And of course you all know the most famous Slovenian woman in the world: Melania Trump.

My fellow Croatian women are also very diverse. You do come across the darker types but in general, Croatian women are mixed. Some blondes, some brunettes and often quite tall but not as tall as Serbian women on average. 

hot croatian woman


You can't go wrong with Croatia but if you're more into the darker type (like I am) then you need to head farther south-east. A lot of Serbian women look like Victoria Secret Model Marija Vujovic (just not quite as hot). Tall, good curves, olive-skinned and darker hair. 

hot serbian woman


Next up is Macedonia, a country I haven't been to yet. My reliable sources tell me that Macedonian women like Katarina Ivanovska are very similar to Serbian women (no surprise).

hot bulgarian woman


Last but not least, Bulgarian women like Nikoleta Lozanova are usually even darker than Serbians, on average slightly shorter and slightly less hot.

nikoleta lazanova


These women are very cliquey, much more so than other Slavs. Social circles and friends are everything down there. Yes, you can meet them outside of their group of friends but it will be much, much easier if you get introduced by someone and already have some social proof. In that regard they are very different from, say, Czech women or Russian women, who have no inhibitions to meet and date men they don't know. 

Second, by and large these women are very sociable. In other Slavic countries the women might be a bit standoff-ish in the beginning but not so much here. Generally they are open and talkative although you should not confuse their warmth with them being easy.

Because they are not easy to bed. My personal experience and that of many Slavic friends is that these women are the hardest, exactly because they place so much importance on their circle of friends and how they're perceived. These cultures (and the women) seem open and friendly at first but are hard to penetrate, especially if you don't know their language. In that regard they're the opposite of other Slavic women.

All you need to know about West Slavic women

West Slavic girls are only from three countries:

  • Polish women
  • Czech women
  • Slovakian women

They're not as tall as Balkan women but have more curves than Russian or Ukrainian women. Their body types are overall a bit closer to women from Germany and Austria, i.e. a bit more boobs and asses but not really curvy like Latinas. Definitely way more blondes than in former Yugoslavian countries but on the whole a good mix in terms of blondies and brunetters.

karolina kurkova


This fine lady is called Karolina Kurkova, a world-famous Czech model. She's a good example of the archetype of a Czech woman. In my 6 months living in Prague I came across plenty of blondes but also a fair number of brunettes.

Their facial features aren't as sharp as those of Ukrainians or Russians, which makes them look a bit smoother and less "bitchy"..

Below you have an example of Barbora Lucivjanska, a Slovak model. Slovakian women are pretty much the same as Czech women. 

Barbora Lucivjanska

I still have to make my way to Poland but once I do, I'll make sure to choose the girls that look like Sandra Kubicka. My well-informed sources have told me that Polish women are cute, of average height, and mixed types. 

sandra kubicka


While living in the Czech Republic for half a year, I noticed two big things about the women in this region.

First, they are more open and less judgemental than other Slavs. That is at least true for Czech and Slovakian women. Both countries are very atheist and the women there don't have the same expectations, like for example Russian women, of first dating for a while before hopping on your dick. Don't get me wrong, they're not notoriously easy like American women but definitely closer to Western countries.

The downside is that they're less feminine than other Slavic girls. Prague really feels like an improved version of a German city when it comes to women. Bratislava isn't much different. The women are attractive but do not nearly put in the same effort like in other countries. If you're looking for a housewife, you would definitely be disappointed by them.

All you need to know about East Slavic women

I'm talking about:

The good news is that East Slavic girls, in my humble opinion, are the most attractive Slavic women around. They have sharp facial features, cat-like eyes, long legs and slender bodies. Sure, not every single one looks like the models below but you'll be amazed by how many cute women you'll see in these countries.

The bad news is that East Slavic women aren't very diverse. MOST of them have slender bodies and few curves. Sure, in some regions you'll find more darker types and all that. But if you're into bustier women and bigger asses and boobs, you'll have to settle for silicone or travel elsewhere.

hot belarussian woman


Elizaveta Shikuta is a Belarusian model. Photoshop helped a bit with that one but she has the typical body of an East Slavic woman. Stick thin, small breasts and slender legs. The same goes for Dasha Khlystun below, a world-famous Ukrainian model

hot ukrainian girl


As far as Russian women go, you best take a look at this wildly popular picture guide to the 50 hottest Russian Instagram models in 2020 that I put together. 

Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian women are without a doubt the most feminine out of the bunch. Some of these women will literally wear heels to buy bread in the morning. Although in the big cities like Moscow, St.Petersburg (and probably Kiev) hipster culture is strong already, especially in the smaller cities you will see some old-school 90s type of fashion with women rocking a dress everywhere.

That comes with a conservative culture though and you can expect these women to test you hard and non-stop. You'll be alright dealing with them if you have some solid rules and frame in place. And if you don't know how that's done, you probably need some relationship advice for men

East Slavic women definitely need the firmest hand and you must never let your guard down. The cat-and-mouse game with them never stops. The good thing is: they're quickly open to meeting new men. The bad thing: they're quickly open to meeting new men. So you might have to wait for your turn but don't be mistaken, so are probably 5 other guys at the same time.

All that being said, Russian and Ukranian women are easily the most sensual and sexual Slavic women. They know their shit in the bedroom. You won't be disappointed.

How Slavic women are different from Western women

We all know that in a lot of Western countries most women nowadays are useless. 

Eastern European women are great and while they're different from one another, these three traits apply to all of them.

  • They are feminine

Russian women might be the most dolled up and Czech women like to keep things casual. But both of them, by and large, still know how to carry themselves as women.

They're still proud to be women and don't see life as a constant war of genders. 

They won't lecture you on feminist shit all day long.

They know their role and appreciate and embrace it.

  • They appreciate real men

A feminine woman needs a masculine man.

Eastern European women will appreciate if you know how to be a real man and carry yourself accordingly.

  • They are proud of their culture

There are differing degrees to this and of course this doesn't apply to all women.

But on the whole, most women will be proud at least of some part of their culture, even if it's their frigging national dish.

What Slavic women want from a man

Eastern European women appreciate 3 things in a man more than anything else He needs to be:

  • Chivalrous
  • A breadwinner
  • A manly man, i.e. a leader

I can hear you whining "but what does that mean?"

Glad you asked.

Being chivalrous means you behave like an old-school gentleman. Most Western women nowadays are "empowered and independent", They don't want you to be a gentleman because they think that is "belittling women".

Slavic women still appreciate basic gender roles. Being an gentleman will pay off in a big way. In practice that means:

  • Open doors for her
  • Help her get in her coat and out of the taxi
  • Pick up the tab when you go out
  • Show some respect to the fact that she's a woman

As I said, they are not all the same. Czech women are much less old school than Russian women in that respect. But by and large that is true for all Slavic women.

Moving on, you also need to be a breadwinner.

I can already hear you thinking "so I need to be rich?"

You do absolutely not have to be rich.

However, you need to give them the feeling of being able to provide.

No Slavic woman will permanently settle for you if you're broke and have no intention of changing that. Eastern European women love aspirational and ambitious men. If you have a clear direction in life, she will respect that. They care much less than Western women about fuzzy and flowery things like your hobbies, your tastes or, god forbid, your political views. She'll be your "soulmate" if she can look up to you, not if the two of you both like pizza.

Lastly and most importantly, you need to LEAD HER AT ALL TIMES. Yes, I capitalalized this because I cannot stress enough how important this is. Western women pretend to want a man who's understanding, emotional and feminine. In fact they also hate that but that's a discussion for another day.

Slavic women hate feminine men. The farther east you go, the more true this becomes. Why do you think Russian men and Serbian men and Polish men have the reputation of being strong and badass? Because their women force them to be.  

So how do you do this? Little things:

  • Pick the venue where you go
  • Take her by the hand and lead her
  • Tell her what to wear when you meet

What you should NOT do if you want success with Slavic women

These are the 3 biggest turnoffs for Eastern European women.

  • Being stingy
  • Not being a leader
  • Getting feelings for her before she gets feelings for you

You don't have to be rich but you can absolutely not be seen as stingy. Nothing will make an Eastern European woman's panties drier than a stingy man. If you're not flush with cash then take her somewhere that will not break the bank. Come up with a good backstory about helping your cousin in need. But don't be a cheapass or you're immediately discarded as a potential man she wants to be with. The opposite, flushing her with money and gifts is equally true but I'll break that down in my email list.

Equally, if you're not leading her, she will see you as weak and at best, you'll be in the friendzone and at worst, she'll scam you and take you for a ride. Slavic women are ruthless and will jump at any opportunity to take advantage of you.

So the worst thing you can do is fall in love with her before she has fucked you or fallen in love with you. That is a recipe for disaster and will guarantee that you'll spend a ton of money and probably lose your mind as well. Check out what I wrote about dating in Russia to get a better understanding of what Russian women expect from their partner. 

I came to Russia in 2014 to study. I thought I would leave after one year to pursue a boring office job. But this country offers the adventures and opportunities that you don’t find anymore in the West. I decided to stay in the Wild East.

If you’re sociable, communicative and speak their language, Russians love you. I was decent at the former two and I learned the latter. These days my Russian is fluent and I keep improving my communication skills every day.

I strongly believe that confidence and persistence are the keys to success when dealing with Russia and its people. My mission is to help you to establish a connection with this amazing country, be it through dating, life or language.

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