Ugolek Bar Moscow reviewed by Moscownightguide

Ugolek Bar Moscow reviewed by Moscownightguide

Read the Moscownightguide review of the Ugolek Bar Moscow. I cover all you need to know from a Moscow bar.


Review of: Ugolek Bar Moscow

Type of venue: Trendy bar


Relaxed but trendy.


Regular Moscow prices.


Busy but kind of cozy.

That's good

  • Cozy and intimate vibe
  • Good music on the weekends
  • Very popular

That needs improvement

  • Can be difficult to get in during peak hours
  • More of a sit-down type of place

Summary: Ugolek is a highly popular bar that's good for having a few cozy drinks or some light food and enjoying the pleasant vibe and interior of the place. Do yourself a favor and reserve a table, if you really want to enjoy it. 

Where is the Ugolek Bar Moscow?

What kind of music do they play in Ugolek?

On the weekends a DJ plays different types of electronic music.

What kind of people go to Ugolek and how is the vibe?

The Ugolek Bar Moscow (read: U-gah-lyok, Russian for charcoal) is a big. two-floored restaurant and bar in the center of Moscow. The two floors have distinct vibes, so I'll focus on them seperately.

Downstairs you have a big open space that is open-doors in summer. The interior is rustic, yet stylish: think lots of wood and a lot of brow-ish and wooden color tones. There's lots of seating opportunities and an open kitchen as well.

The interior coupled with the popularity of Ugolek create a busy but intimate vibe, especially on the weekends. People come to chat and meet over drinks and food.

The bar upstairs has a cozier vibe. It's smaller, there's dimmed lights and armchairs to lean back in. Alternatively you can sip a drink at the bar (very busy during peak time). On the weekends you have a DJ with electronic music that turns the spot into a bit of a relaxed preparty spot. 

Ugolek pulls a mixed crowd, so you get everything from trendy people over young professionals to middle-aged, upper class Muscovites. 

When should I go to Ugolek?

Busiest times are on Friday and Saturday evenings from 8pm onwards. Any other time you should be able to find a place without reserving a table.

What's the dress code in this bar?

Elegance level: regular​​​​

No real dress code since it is a bar/restaurant. Most people are trendy or elegant. 

What are the prices like in this bar?

Price level: average

Prices are more or less standard for such a venue. Cocktails will be around 600-700 Rubles, main dishes start from 600 Rubles as well.

How is the energy in this bar?

Energy level: relaxed

On the weekends it's extremely popular but Ugolek is not a party place, more like an option for a drink or two and something to eat before heading somewhere else. 

So do you have any insider tips or recommendations for Ugolek?

  • Definitely reserve a table well in advance if you plan to come at prime time Friday or Saturday evening.

Why you should come to Ugolek Bar Moscow

Come for the chill and intimate vibe, whether it's more laid-back on weekdays or busier on weekends. Best visited with a table and without a rush.