The top 3 reasons why Halloween is the best day for clubbing in Moscow

The top 3 reasons why Halloween is the best day for clubbing in Moscow

Ah Halloween. That time of the year when blood-sucking vampires want a piece of you. 

I don't know about you but by now Halloween is my favourite holiday for going out. Before I got into nightlife (way back in the day), I used to spend Halloween with endless horror film marathons and tons of beer. If only someone had enlightened me to how awesome this day can actually be. But I guess some things you only learn with age...


But I'm here to talk about why Halloween in Moscow is such an amazing time opportunity to go out. Rest assured, Muscovites really know how to celebrate that day. I think it's the single best day of the year for going out and hitting the clubs and bars.

I will give you my top 3 reasons why Halloween parties in Moscow kick ass. If you're wondering why there's only 3, then I can only tell you that if these don't convince you to get your ass out there, nothing will. 

Reason #1: Parties...parties everywhere

Now even if you are not into clubbing (or bars for that matter), you should reconsider that on Halloween in Moscow. Because there sure is a lot of selection on where to party on Halloween. Just about every Moscow club and bar does some sort of Halloween-themed party the weekend on or before the 31st of October. Hell, some even do it the weekend after, but by that time the air's been sucked out of the balloon hehe.

All nightclubs and bars put up festive decorations and really make an effort to impress their guests with special shows. Needless to say that it's a super popular night for clubbing, so you won't have to worry about whether there's going to be people or not.

As to where the best parties on Halloween in Moscow are? Shoot me a message and I can help you out.

Reason #2: The party mood is strong

Halloween is the complete opposite of Victory Day or New Year's Eve. On those days everyone is in a festive mood and looking to spend time with their friends and families. But Halloween is an imported "holiday" that only exists as an excuse to be silly and party. And we all know there's nothing like a good excuse to get drunk and really let out your wild side. 

It's also about the best day of the year to meet someone and get hot&heavy. Plenty of sexy nurses that are looking for a pilot or a policemen to take 'em on an adventure. Just go with the stay in character of your costume and you're sure to have some fun that night.

And a pro-tip regarding what to wear on Halloween: do something classic and easy as a costume. Policemen, pilots, doctors and Hugh Hefner always get great responses. The fancy ones might get the best pictures but they sure as hell don't have the most fun.

Ghostface is clearly not paying attention to my advice

Reason #3: Russians just love Halloween (at least in Moscow)

In my opinion there are two reasons why Muscovites love Halloween so much.

First, there is no carnival in Russia. Halloween is the only opportunity to dress up and "go incognito". It's that weekend of the year when you can literally put on a mask and be someone that usually you are not. So you can fullfil some fantasy that you might've dreamed of, if y'all know what I mean...

Second, Muscovites love everything that takes them out of the daily grind and spices up life a bit. Moscow is all about working round the clock and has a very hectic vibe overall. People therefore really like to let loose on the weekend. That is also why there is little nightlife during the week but on the weekend you can party till daytime.

On Halloween in Moscow, that effect is multiplied because it is not only a "normal night out" but a "special night". Even people who are not regulars at the clubs go because of the special events and the atmosphere

Would you?

There it is, everyone's favourite clubbing weekend in Moscow. If you don't know where to go then check out the clubs&bars section to find out which one is good for you.

Are you going out on Halloween?