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The Ultimate Monday to Sunday Moscow Nightclub Guide

Moscow Nightlife & Moscow Clubs


One of the biggest problems you'll have to struggle with in Moscow is finding good clubs to go to during the week. For a city that big, it isn't that easy to find the right places to party outside of the usual days.


That is why I put together this guide for you. You will learn only one thing but it's so valuable, you will want to bookmark this guide. Always have it handy because you'll never know when you might need it.

You will learn where to party in Moscow on any day of the week.

I broke down every day from Monday to Sunday according to the . If you are looking for answers regarding Moscow nightlife on any day of the week - this guide has them all. 

Where to go out in Moscow on a Monday

Monday is the worst night for party and clubbing in Moscow because the city is completely dead. Everyone has had their share of going out in the weekend and is back to the daily grind. So keep in mind that all of the following options will not be packed with people.

Your best bet is Propaganda, which is open every day of the week and always attracts a few tourists, locals or students that want to party. A proper, small European-style electro club for those who fancy such a thing. 

An alternative would be to try one of the rough & real bars: Crazy Daisy or Shishas Sferum Bar. You can also hit up Papa's, which on Mondays has drinks offers and is an expat sanctuary with a dancefloor. You can also try roaming around the Kitay gorod metro station and dipping in and out of one of the many bars located around there.

If that's all too basic for you and you prefer higher-end venues then you will have to make it a quiet night in one of the high-end bars: Kalina Bar, Mercedes Bar or Sixty for those that like a nice view of Moscow. You can also hit up one of the strip clubs, if you're looking for something sexier.

Not a lot of people poppin' bottles in Moscow on Mondays

Where to go out in Moscow on a Tuesday

Tuesday is only ever so slightly better than Monday. As there's no such thing as a day where people that work in the service industry go out, both Monday and Tuesday are off nights.

Again Propaganda leads the pack with their "Propaganda got soul" program till 6 in the morning. There's usually a bigger crowd on Tuesdays, so if you're looking for party this wil be again your best shot. Garage has a similar option with "Techno Tuesdays".

As far as alternatives go, it is a repeat from the Monday options. Crazy Daisy, Shishas Sferum Bar or "flip a coin to get a free drink" offer in Papa's. High-end bars like the ones on Monday will be for relaxing only. Strip clubs for those that want adult entertainment.

Where to go out in Moscow on a Wednesday

We are halfway there to the next weekend and nightlife options are slowly picking up. Wednesday offers a few more options, as well as variety for going out. Crowds are still nowhere near as big as on weekends but you can find a party, if you know where to look.

That said Propaganda is yet again an option for fans of electronic music (see the pattern?). Their cheap prices and long-established reputation always manage to attract a decent amount of people, so Monday through Wednesday this joint should be one of the first that you hit up for party.

Garage switches gears on Wednesdays with its RnB night. It's the only club in the Black Music niche, which is fairly unpopular in Moscow. The crowd that does turn out is all the more energetic. Garage is mostly an after-hours spot, so come here after 1-2am.

There is more however. Chesterfield offers free drinks for ladies on Wednesdays. The crowd is on the younger end and mostly students. It is not a real nightclub but more of an oversized bar with a dancefloor.

As for the other days, you can still try your luck in one of the lower or higher-end bars.

Girls wanna party on Wednesdays too...

Where to go out in Moscow on a Thursday

From Thursday onwards, nightlife is slowly picking up steam. With the weekend coming closer, there's more nightlife options to choose from.

Let's start at the higher-end places. Oblaka is the place to be on Thursday. Particularly recommended in summer when the terrace is open. The early sunrise makes for a beautiful view over the city.

Another option is Duran Bar, which has ladies' night on Thursday. You better enquire at the entrance though as to how it works exactly because it is not just as easy as walking in and starting drinking for free. Also a much smaller crowd there on Thursdays with most of the high-end clientele going to Oblaka.

Bessonitsa is another option which will have a smallish crowd on Thursdays. 

Papa's Bar offers ladies night as well on Thursdays for those who like it a bit more down to earth.

All other places mentioned so far work as well. Gipsy is sometimes opened in summer for concerts on Thursdays.

Sometimes a club has something going on on Thursday, check the sites and social media though.

Where to go out in Moscow on a Friday

Friday is the second-best day for nightlife in Moscow. No matter your taste, you will have plenty of venues and party to choose from.

If you like glitzy high-end clubs with model girls and rich oligarchs, you should hit up Siberia, nowadays Moscow's most exclusive venue. Other options are Duran Bar and Artel Bessonitsa for those who prefer house music. Oblaka is open on Fridays as well. If by the morning you still haven't had enough, Kvartira is an after-hours option. The door is extremely hard though and you will likely have to have an "in" to party there.

Icon, with a more relaxed door and younger people, is somewhere in between the high-end and party segment of Moscow's club scene. For the latter, Gipsy and Rolling Stone Bar always manage to draw a sufficient (but young) crowd. Jagger Bar is another extremely popular option that has a more mixed age range. So is the always crowded Klava Bar that is a better choice for pre-party. The most popular "mainstream" after-hours option at the moment is Miks.

Strelka has a much hipper crowd and is another excellent pre-party option that goes well past 3am as well. Proper underground options are Propaganda (more mainstream), Suzuran (relaxed pre-party), Imagine Cafe, Dissident and Squat 3/4. For after-hours hit up Gazgolder, which is by far the busiest and strongest venue that goes well past 10am. Purpur Afterparty is a "rougher" version of Miks club and an option for those that like it a bit more experimental.

Any kind of rough & real place will have people as well, so fee l free to try your luck in Coyote Ugly, Kamchatka, 1929 Bar, Crazy Daisy or any other of the multitude of bars that are around.

She's definitely going out on the weekend

Where to go out in Moscow on a Saturday

Saturday is easily the busiest night in Moscow and an absolute must in terms of clubbing. Pretty much all venues that are good on Friday will be good on Saturday too, unless there was a special event or concert the day before, in which case there will be slightly less people.

Pre-party in the high-end segment is a bit hit and miss, so there are no strong recommendations. You can try Luch Bar, Kalina Bar, Buddha Bar or Latinos. Your best bet is probably Valenok that is a rather cheap option for stylish pre-parties. All Friday options are still good, so choose between Siberia, Duran and Oblaka. If you really like karaoke, Royal Arbat is a high-end karaoke venue that requires table reservations. Distinctly high-end after-hours venues are Kvartira (tough door) and Akt. Bessonitsa usually works well past 7am as well, at least in the summer months.

In the party segment go to Noor Bar for a busy pre-party place. Then hit up Gipsy, Rolling Stone (both for people under 25), Jagger (mixed crowd & lots of alcohol), Klava (slightly older & very busy) or Motel (stylish but a mixed bag). Icon is an ever reliable mega club option. For after-hours go to Miks, Garage or Gazgolder.

Strelka is the best pre-party spot that bridges the party and the underground segment. For distinctly underground places go to Suzuran (pre-party), Propaganda (well-known & cheap), Imagine Cafe (alternative), Dissident and Squat 3/4 (proper underground). End the night and start the morning at Gazgolder.

The rough & real bars will deliver as usual and you can even go to something like Todase (read: Todasjo), which is actually more like a food chain but does parties on the weekends. An excellent option for those that do not want a real dive bar but still something cheaper is Rock n Roll Bar, which is a crossover between a party bar and a cheaper, rockier place.

Where to go out in Moscow on a Sunday

Sunday is understandably slow and Muscovites relax after two days of hard partying. Your best bet is Garage, which has its RnB night on Sundays and manages to turn a decent crowd from about 2am onwards. Propaganda is another option but be aware that it's GAY NIGHT on Sundays. Gipsy occasionally has parties on Sundays that start in the afternoon and last until 2am in the morning but double-check with event calendars. Any other place is going to be hit-and-miss, so insatiable party animals are restricted to trying the Monday options: Papa's, Crazy Daisy, Shishas Sferum Bar or one of the bars in the Kitay gorod area.

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I came to Russia in 2014 to study. I thought I would leave after one year to pursue a boring office job. But this country offers the adventures and opportunities that you don’t find anymore in the West. I decided to stay in the Wild East.

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