The Basics of Moscow Nightlife

This article will get you started with all you need to know about parties and nightlife in Moscow. 


Moscownightguide has got you covered on everything you need to know before stepping foot in one of Moscow's nightlife venues. 

You will find out:

  • Where to find good information about Moscow nightlife
  • How to dress for Moscow nightlife
  • The 4 basic types of nightclubs in Moscow 
  • How to pick the best nightclub for your taste
  • How to pass face control and get into the venue that you want to go to
  • What bottle service is and how it works in Moscow
  • A full day-by-day breakdown on where to party in Moscow any day of the week

Where to find good information about Moscow nightlife

I've covered all important websites and online portals in my guide to Moscow nightlife websites. You'll discover which sites are good for what purpose and why you should be using Moscownightguide before hitting up any other!

What is the dress code for Moscow nightlife

The style guide has you covered on dress codes in Moscow nightlife. You'll find out what you should and should not wear and why the dress code in Moscow is so formal.

The 4 basic types of Moscow nightclubs

In The Ultimate Guide to Moscow Nightclub Types I break down the 4 types that you can fit Moscow nightclubs in. The guide covers all essentials like dress code, music, crowds, what to expect overall and who should and should not go to certain types. Essential reading if you want to get to know Moscow nightlife!

How to pick the best nightclub for your taste

A lot of people get lost in "Best..." lists instead of thinking about what they really like. This guide will solve your problem. You will know how to pick a nightlife venue that is good for YOU and save countless hours and loads of money that you would have spent otherwise in places that you don't even like.  

How to pass face control in Moscow nightclubs

Face control is an essential topic in Moscow nightlife and you will rarely get around it. Luckily I covered you in my guide on face control and how to pass it. Read it to not only know the Do's and Don't's but to get the bigger picture and greatly increase your chances of getting into almost any club.

Bottle service in Moscow nightclubs and how it works

If you're not familiar with bottle service, you will be after reading this guide. You'll know all the essentials of bottle service in Moscow and where to get it from. 

The day-by-day Moscow party breakdown

This full week party guide will have you covered even if you decide that Monday is a great day to hit the streets (hint: not in Moscow). It will also constantly get updated in case I have new information to share with you.

After reading that you should be ready to experience Moscow's nightlife for yourself. In case you don't know where to start, this might be helpful for you!