Suzuran Bar Moscow reviewed by Moscownightguide

Suzuran Bar Moscow reviewed by Moscownightguide

Read the Moscownightguide review of the Suzuran Bar. Moscow. I cover all you need to know from a Moscow bar.


Review of: Suzuran Bar Moscow

Type of venue: Atmospheric semi-hidden cocktail bar


No dress code.


Regular prices.


Chill vibe.

That's good

  • Fantastic atmosphere
  • Good cocktails
  • Great electronic music

That needs improvement

  • Not easy to find (probably a plus)

Summary: Suzuran is good for cocktails, deep&tech house and an intimate atmosphere. Great for preparties and kicking it with friends, head on elsewhere when you're ready to dance on the tables.

Where is the Suzuran Bar Moscow?

What kind of music do they play in the Suzuran Bar Moscow?

In the Suzuran Bar you can listen to some of the finest tech and deep house they play in Moscow. The guys are also always open to giving young and talented DJs a chance to play their sets.

What kind of people go to the Suzuran Bar Moscow and how is the vibe?

The Suzuran Bar Moscow is a small secluded spot that is not easy to find. When you are at the right address, look for the bar's sign and enter the little courtyard. Ring the bell if you have to and go down the stairs. It is not a closed bar but kind of semi-secret and not so easy to find, which makes it a great spot not known to everyone.

Once inside, the interior does a great job of creating a relaxed and friendly vibe. Since you walk down the stairs into a sort of basement. the bar itself is always half dark with candle lighting creating an intimate atmosphere. Its a very small bar that has a cozy and familiar feel to it.

Thanks to the skilled barmen, the cocktails in Suzuran Bar are pretty great. They have a good selection of home-made cocktails. You can also simply ask for a good recommendation.

Overall, this is a great spot to hang out without attitudes or negative vibes. As such, it attracts people of all sorts, since the policy is "open to everyone with the right type of mood". 

When should I go to the Suzuran Bar Moscow?

It's open all days except Monday. Naturally the strongest days are Friday and Saturday when you get live-sets from the local DJs. It's a great place to start off the night right, so come from 10-11pm onwards. 

What's the dress code in this bar?

Elegance level: low

There's no dress code or face control in here.

What are the prices like in this bar?

Price level: standard​

Regular 500-600 Rubles prices on cocktails.

How is the energy in this bar?

Energy level: relaxed​

It's a very chill and laid-back vibe here. The music does its part.

So do you have any insider tips or recommendations for the Suzuran Bar Moscow?

  • No real insider info, the bar is an insider tip in itself.

Why you should come to the Suzuran Bar Moscow

​If you want a cool place with an intimate feel, great cocktails and good music, then come to the Suzuran Bar.