Storytime Thursday

Storytime Thursday: why this video reminded me of what I love about Moscow

Today I was working on the site and wondering what kind of story I should write for you guys on Storytime Thursday.

Then I came across this video on Youtube and it hit me.

That was my story.


But before I give you the video, I wanna first tell you how I actually ended up in Moscow.

How I came to Moscow

Back in 2014 I was finishing the first year of my postgraduate degree in London. A degree that half-way through I had lost interest in.

“Theory of international relations” this, “security environment” that. The only course that I cared about was Russian. Got the best marks in that too.

But the rest was all preparing you for some faceless job in a faceless company or, possibly even worse, three-letter organization trying to “improve” the world. No thanks, that wasn’t me.

And don’t get me started on the people. The kind of people that actually enjoy talking about this theory and that three-letter organization. Even parties would feel like sitting through a replay of the Friday morning lecture.

All of that brought to you with an unhealthy dose of very “correct” opinions. It’s even worse now, as I’m going to show you in a minute. But it was bad enough back then.

Yea, I really didn’t like London.

So university was the cause of me coming to Moscow.

Why Moscow is so enjoyable

And Moscow felt like a breath of fresh air. Even with the really polluted air here.

It was more boring courses but surprisingly a lot of the lame people had been weeded out. Ha, I didn’t expect them to dare to come to Russia anyway.

The professors were all but “politically correct”. Great!

The city was huge, less expensive, had great transportation and a lot of interesting shit to do.

And most important: it had the nightlife AND the girls.

Coming from London, a city with overrated and overpriced nightlife, to Moscow was like trading in an Alfa Romeo for a Porsche.

Both look good and drive fast but you’ll very soon realize that one has a lot of flaws and you’re overpaying a lot.

Coming from London, a city with entitled, overweight and unattractive women, to Moscow was…well you can imagine the rest. 

If you can’t, you might just think about finding out for yourself.

I was loving life here and spent a fantastic time. When it was time to leave I was very sad. I wanted to stay but I didn’t know how and I didn’t try hard enough.

So when I get the opportunity to return in 2016, I didn’t have to think twice. Even though I had to work this time, Moscow still felt great. The nightlife had been changing because that’s what it always does in Moscow. It’s really hard to keep up with it unless you read my newsletter.

But while the girls and the nightlife were the reason why I loved it, they were not the driving force behind my return.

What makes Moscow so different and why I love it for that reason

In Moscow no one is going to tell you that you cannot do this or that. Well they will tell you a lot of the time actually but it’s regarding minor shit when you deal with authorities. In the grand scheme of things you are free to do as you please here.

  • Wanna start a business? Go right ahead.
  • Don’t wanna pay tax on it (in the beginning)? Probably better if you don’t, it’s a custerfuck. (hint: you should do it when it becomes a real business)
  • Wanna find a sushi restaurant on a Wednesday at 3 in the morning? Yep, did that. Didn’t try the sushi though, probably better like that.
  • Wanna party until 12 at noon on the weekend? Did that more often than I should have…

Moscow has (almost) no rules.

At the same time it has a great vibe of “improve or get the fuck out of here”. And it has no one that will tell you how you can’t or shouldn’t do this or that because no one cares.

This is what I love about it and my driving force of staying in Moscow.

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P.S.: Almost forgot, here’s the video. The guy talks about how fat and entitled English women are and how infinitely better Russian women are. Totally agree with him. Those people interviewing him are exactly the type I hated so much in London.