Storytime Thursday

Storytime Thursday: bottles, bracelets and having a blast

Halloween is now well and truly behind us and I hope you had an absolute blast, whether in Moscow or abroad. I sure as hell did. We got a table with a few friends and guests coming through town at Icon, one of the top Moscow clubs to get bottle service. Below is a picture of our little crew when we were still sober at the beginning of the evening.


Needless to say things escalated quickly and everyone had a hell of a time.

Getting a table is always a surefire way for having a great story to tell the next day.

I’ll share another one in a second but first I want to announce that from now on, Wednesday is going to be story day from now on Moscownightguide. I’ll be sharing funny, interesting, hilarious and useful stories from Moscow so y’all get an idea of crazy Moscow really is.

But where was I?

Ah yes, bottle service.

A couple of months ago I was getting bottles with another set of gentlemen that was visiting Moscow. Coincidentally, it was at the same club. It’s just a damn good club to get a table but anyways.

See for yourself what one of the guys had to say about it:


I had a great experience getting a table and partying with Ivan in Moscow. 6 of us (all international guys) secured a table at the legendary "Icon" Club and paid about 10% of what a table might cost in places like New York City. It was my 1st night out in Moscow and a total success - we had a blast...

 Sam from New York City 

Ha, I would say he got a bit carried away there with the 10% but he’s right on one account:

Bottle service advantage #1:
Getting a table in Moscow is pretty damn cheap compared to other major cities.

The cost is laughable in fact. I still shudder when remembering how much money I had to spend on a table in NYC this summer (north of 250$ in case you’re wondering).

Moscow isn’t even half as expensive and I am talking about the top nightclubs. If you’re a penny pincher or simply don’t have a lot of money, you can already get started from as little as 50$ at a few clubs. Now beat that if you can.

But let’s see how the night went on…


Definitely worth it, not very expensive and chicks love it. Booze, food, and hookah helps to draw attractive girls to your table. I might not do it every weekend as I don't personally drink much, but if you are going to spend your $ buying drinks at a bar/club, then this is 100% worth it. Just for the "status" it provides you, it might be worth it regardless of whether or not you booze.

 Sam from New York City 

There’s so many lessons in there I don’t know where to start. Let's begin with this one:

Bottle service advantage #2:
You can spend the money on anything on the menu

A good deal even if you’re not drinking like a sailor like I do. But this one is probably even more interesting for you:

Bottle service advantage #3:
Having bottle service doesn't hurt with attractive girls and makes you more interesting and desirable

Newsflash: attractive women like men of status and vice versa. Now who would have thought that? I could make a whole section on the site about this topic, and maybe I will, but let's stay on point here. Chances are that if you’re reading a site about nightlife, you probably have a thing for pretty girls as well.

Now will the table meet the girl for you? Nope.

Will the table do the hard part for you, as in getting her to like you? Nuh-uh.

But is it going to make you look like someone who’s got his act together and who is worth meeting? Probably yes.

So for all of you who go to clubs not just to get blackout drunk and dance on tables, you should very much keep this in the back of your mind.

Anyways, here’s what happened next:


Let's cut to the chase - I pulled a hot young Russian girl within 15 minutes of arriving to Icon. Met her on the dance floor, pulled her back to my table (promoter gave her a bracelet so she could sit at our "VIP" table). Poured her a drink, gave her at toke of our hookah, and next thing I know we're grabbing our jackets from coat check and zooming back to my place in an gypsy taxi (normally you should use Uber). Can't complain, especially seeing as it was my 1st night out in Moscow! Also can't guarantee you'll experience the result I did, but your odds will definitely be better.

 Sam from New York City 

I remember the scene actually like it was yesterday, ha. That man wasted no time in making sure that he has an awesome night out. Which was unfortunate and fortunate for the rest of the crew at the same time. One less awesome guy to party with but more drinks left for us.

Not to repeat myself again but the “VIP” is quite literally that: so important that your promoter guy of the evening has to give you an extra bracelet to enter that part of the club. Talk about rockstar treatment.

And he rightly mentions how a table is no guarantee for anything. But it sure as hell will give you a great experience. Or in other words:


1 word, or term - VIP. Wish I was back raging with Ivan right now, instead of writing this testimonial from my desk at my corporate job.

 Sam from New York City 

Couldn’t agree more. That was one hell of a night and I’m looking forward to meeting Sam again next summer.

Let me know how you like this new format and what kind of stories you would like to read by leaving a comment! I'll be bringing you many more interesting stories every Thursday.