Russian Women

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5 Cultural Insights Why Russian Women are so Unique

Russian women are nothing like their Western sisters. Hell, even compared to other Eastern European women, they are completely different. But why is that?

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15 Secret Insights about Russian Women and Sex

Of all the guides I wrote for this site this is probably my favorite one. Sex and Russian women belong together like strawberries and cream. Both already delicious but together they’re a killer combination.

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7 Verified Ways How to Impress Russian Women

I remember the first time I stepped foot in the Gipsy nightclub in Moscow way back in 2014.

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The Ultimate Duel of Russian Women vs American Women

In a duel of Russian women vs American women, who do you think would win? 

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Where and How to Hook Up With Moscow Girls in 2020

“…so I told her let’s get out of here, my apartment is really close.” “And what about her friend?” “We wanted to take her with us but I think she was hooking up with another guy already. She was pretty wasted man. What a shame, that would have been even more epic.” “Yea man but still, that girl

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The Ultimate Guide to Meeting Girls on Instagram

If you google “How to meet girls on Instagram”, you will get a lot of generic, lacklustre, generic advice from PUAs and content writers that have never even tried what they recommend.

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8 Key Personality Traits all Russian Women Have

You know what annoys me? When I google typical features of Russian women and read nothing but generic bullshit advice.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating in Russia

If you’ve never dated a Russian woman before, it may seem a bit daunting. You probably think about all the possible ways how you can fuck up. The language barrier could kill the entire vibe and with it your chances. One joke she takes the wrong way and a small cultural misunderstanding has killed your

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10 Efficient Ways How to Meet Single Russian Women

You want to meet Russian women but you don’t know where to start?

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6 Real-Life Stories About Horny Russian Women

Today it’s story time gentlemen. Lots of men on the internet have the impression that Russian women are some sort of non-stop horny sex goddesses. Honestly, I can’t even blame you guys. Russian women are omnipresent when it comes to models, porn stars and any other job where you need beautiful women. But is this cliché

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Why Mamba Dating is the Worst Dating App

You’re ready to meet the Russian woman of your dreams. You did your due diligence and dug up the most popular online dating sites in Russia to start contacting these long-legged beauty queens. At first it’s all going well. But then you fire up the Mamba dating app and it all starts going terribly wrong. How? That’s what I

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The In-Depth Review of Andrew Tate’s “How To Get Girls” Course

Since you’re here, I guess you are wondering whether you should get Andrew “Cobratate” Tate’s course about how to get girls. Lucky for you, I already got it and wrote a 100% honest, unbiased, no-BS review so you know exactly what you are getting into.

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