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The Ultimate Duel of Russian Women vs American Women

Russian Women


In a duel of Russian women vs American women, who do you think would win? 


Horny American men have been discussing this age-old question ever since the fall of the Iron Curtain and the liberation of Eastern European beauty queens. But so far, no one was able to come up with an infallible and just method to determine a winner.

Today, all of that is going to change.

I have come up with the ultimate scoring system to, once and for all, settle this dispute:

Russian women vs American women - Who is better?

The winner is going to be decided according to six categories:

  • Looks
  • Character
  • Relationships
  • Support and family
  • Career and ambitions
  • Sex

Let's get ready to rumble!

Russian women vs American women - Round 1: Looks

Let's start with the most obvious and, if we're honest, most important question:

On average, who is hotter: Russian women or American women?

Since this is an objective and fair contest, we need to apply fair criteria. 

Our first criterium is physical shape.

You'll struggle to find overweight, let alone obese young women in Russia because there simply are none. The competition is cut-throat and young women simply cannot afford to be fat. Otherwise, they'll find no man, which means they can't get married, which means they can't have children, which means they'll consider themselves an utter failure.

Compare that with America: "body positivity" has taken over, which means you can basically eat as much as you want and you're still "beautiful in your own way". 

Only that most normal men simply aren't interested in overweight and obese women that have no self-control. Revolutionary thought, I know.

Just in case you didn't believe me here are some pictures of female Russian students to to prove my point:

This point clearly goes to the Russian ladies.

Next, we have style and sense of fashion.

There is an old saying: in Russia women will put on heels to take out the trash.

It's not quite that strict but it comes pretty close. Appearance matters in Russia for both men and women but even more so for women. That's good news for us men because it means we are treated to a healthy dose of feminine clothing.

The harsh truth is this: in Russia I don't even bother seeing a girl again if she doesn't come adequately dressed to a date. That doesn’t mean she has to be dressed up to the nines (unless I tell her to).But being too casual is an absolute no-go.

Sounds harsh? It is. That's how things work in Russia.

In the West on the other hand, you can count yourself lucky if your date doesn't come in yoga pants. I know that is not so much the case in Europe. But in the US, it’s common. Let's not even talk about everyday clothes.

I remember an instance when I was at University of Santa Cruz visiting my gf back then. Pretty much ALL girls wear wearing sweat pants to university.

Compare this to how girls dress in Russia for university:

Again, a point to Russia here. 

This round is already decided but we also need to talk about who takes better care of themselves.

You know what is gross?

A woman that hasn't gotten her nails done.

In Russia ALL women get their nails done. Seriously, even the feminists do.

Almost all also take care of their hair. And their eyebrows. And a lot more but those are already permanent changes (and those don't mean bonus points).

The point is that Russian women care about their appearance as they should.

You're as beautiful as you feel? I don't think so. Other people will judge you. So better make an effort and look as good as you can.

Take American women on the other hand. They'll come to a wedding not looking their absolute best. If you think that I'm being unnecessarily harsh you are wrong. You simply have not enjoyed the company of a beautiful woman, who put an effort into how she looks. Russian women understand the importance of this. American women do not.

That's another point and that settles this round.

Result: 3-0 to Russia and they take the first round. American women don't even come close when it comes to looks. Check my post about Russian models if you doubt that.

Russian women vs American women - Round 2: Character

Looks are great and important. But you can endure a beautiful woman with a terrible character only for so long. So, of course, we have to talk about:

On average, who has the better character: Russian women or American women?

First, we need to talk about something that seems to be a lost art in today's world for both men and women.


I could tell you a lot of negatives about Russian women.

  • They’re emotional.
  • They’re lazy.
  • They are far too materialistic.

But hell, every damn time I go back to Europe it reminds me of the one thing Russian women have that (most) Western women don't: class.

They just have that special something. They know how to dress, how to carry themselves, how to be sensual without being vulgar. Russian women know that you constantly are thinking about how to fuck them. They understand how to play the game and use this fact to get what they want.

Let’s compare this to English women for example. Yes, I know what I’m talking about because I spent 18 months living in England and Ireland.

  • They’re loud.
  • They’re way too fat but dress as if they weighed 45kg.
  • They’re unnecessarily drunk and start behaving like men.
  • They curse and cuss you.
  • They literally get into fights.

I could go on. My point is that a lot of especially Anglosphere women are the polar opposite of class. Why else would there be plenty of results when I search on google for drunk English women?

Now are American women better?

I highly doubt that based on what I have seen and experienced. No, I haven't participated in student life in the US. But what I do know is that many young American women are entitled, obnoxious, vapid and uneducated. Even if many are not, they definitely do not have the class and graciousness that a lot of Russian women do.

No doubt about this one. Clearly a point in the book for Russia.

Moving on to something that many men don't even have on their radar: dark triad traits.

I could also call it machiavellianism. Or girl game. In a nutshell, how likely are the women to outsmart and exploit you?

Russian women just “get it”. They know that for all the lip service men pay, the first and most important factor for them in choosing a woman is her beauty. It doesn’t mean they agree with it but they adjust accordingly.

She just knows you’ll be fawning over her when she comes in that form-hugging dress with black stockings and red-soled heels. The easiest way to lower a man’s guard is to make him horny. Russian women understand this TO PERFECTION. She’ll use her beauty for her own best interests, which might not be your best interests.

Western women thing being beautiful is not necessary. They think men will only judge them based on their character and their achievements.


Most men won’t admit it but EVERY GUY judges a woman based on her appearance. That is the uncomfortable truth.

American women do, of course, manipulate men as well. Many middle-aged men could tell a plethora of stories how their wives have used and abused them, and not in the good way.

But by and large, American women are greenhorns when it comes to manipulation and exploiting men for their own goals. 

That's a good thing and finally a point to our American ladies!

russian femme fatale

To settle this category, we need to look at who is more educated.​​​​

So a few months ago,I downloaded a copy of Anna Karenina. I read about 9% of it. It's actually a good and interesting read but I just couldn't bring myself to continue.

That is how “interested” I am in classical literature.

But I could never tell this to a Russian woman. I might as well say she has a fat ass. It’s going to be equally insulting to her.

Ok, I’m slightly exaggerating here.

But Russian women are way more educated than your average Western woman. They absolutely love anything related to culture. You are never going to wrong if you go for the good ol’ theater or gallery date. I’m really not big on culture but it’s refreshing and pleasant to spend your time with an educated women.

Maybe you’re not the type for that though.

Maybe you actually like hanging out with women who know the freshest gossip from TNZ and Perezhilton.

Then you should look no further than the US because American women aren’t going to bother you with complicated discussions about classical literature or evenings at the ballet. But you can discuss Kylie Jenner's newest style and other importat matters.

The bottom line is that Russian women outsmart American women by a mile. It's not even close.

Result: 2-1 to Russia and the second round goes to Russian women as well. Classy and educated but watch yourself because they know how to get what they want, not what you want.

Russian women vs American women - Round 3: Relationships

So far, I have been praising Russian women to heaven and back. But now we're getting to the serious stuff. 

On average, who can you have better relationships with: Russian women or American women?

And here's where the negatives roll in for Russian women.

They are JEALOUS.

And by jealous I mean insanely jealous.

“Who’s that girl whose Instagram pictures you liked?”

“When you are on the dance floor, all the girls around you dance like sluts and want to steal you.”

“I don’t want to go there, it’s full of sluts.”

All Russian women think that all other women are sluts and are constantly trying to steal their man. You will have to have an IRON FRAME if you don’t want to be constantly nagged and harassed by your woman about this.

The upside to this of course is that she behaves that way because she cares about you. It’s still quite annoying though. Especially if you are not used to jealous woman, you’re going to be in for a hell of a ride.

American women are much easier to handle in that respect. Relationships in the West take much longer to “get serious”. You start fucking, do that for a while and then after some time you have “the talk”. Or the talk might not even come and she jumps on another dick if you haven’t done the job properly. The point here is that you’re much less likely to run into jealousy issues, at least early on in the relationship.

The good thing about that is that you can manage a relationship in the West with much less time and effort.

The bad thing is that you hardly will be able to call it a relationship. It might also go as fast as it came.

Overall, this is a close call but I will give a point to the US ladies here. The jealousy of Russian women can get out of hand.

jealous russian

We also have to talk about who is harder to handle.

There are some things that Russian women appreciate and some that are not that important.

And then there are a few qualities that you absolutely must have as a man.

One of those is ASSERTIVENESS.

You must be a LEADER at all times.

What they hate more than anything else are pussified men who ask permission and can’t make a decision. In her head she’s thinking about how such a man is supposed to raise her kids.

That is pretty much the opposite of American women. There, you might be reported for misogyny, a hate crime, rape or whatever else the latest fad is, in case a girl decides that she doesn’t like you anymore and needs to get rid of you.

Of course, as we all know, American women like dominant men as much as anyone else. But they would never openly admit that and the cultural trend is going very much in the opposite direction.

There’s also very funny video on YouTube that is worth watching. This scene is particularly relevant (until 2:15).

Although they say be a gentleman, what they actually mean is that you are essentially a babysitter for an adult. Yes, that’s what it sometimes feels like to date some Russian women. Examples? Here you go:

  • They would rather die in the cold than to open the door themselves.
  • Choosing dinner from a menu can become a tour de force.
  • You literally have to hold their hand when you make them go empty the letterbox.

I’ve gone through all of these myself. Again, this can be both good and bad but you have to know who you’re dealing with.

Western and especially American women are the other extreme. They are strong & independent women™ who don’t need a man. God forbid you tell them how to dress for a date, that would be misogynistic at least and rape at worst. These self-sufficient empowered women™ don’t need a man’s helping hand.

Until there’s a cockroach in the kitchen of course…

So how do we score this?

Russian women are harder to handle. They require handholding but at the same time, you have to give them constant guidance. American women are more independent although that often means being very masculine. I'll be generous here and score it as a tie even though I clearly prefer the Russians. For most men, they are too much to handle though.

Last but not least: who's going to be more expensive?

For Russians, a non-negotiable quality in a man is being a provider and a bread winner. That’s where the “Russian woman equals gold digger” stereotype stems from.

You don’t necessarily have to be rich. But you have to show the willingness and potential to be able to provide for her and her potential kids later down the road.

Think of it this way. If a Russian woman is dating you, she is at least considering the option of having your babies. Maybe she isn’t going to openly say that but that is very much how Russian women think. In order to be considered “daddy material” you need to show proof of being competent at supporting a family.

That is absolutely not the case in the West. American women are much more laissez-faire in that regard. Only because she is fucking you doesn’t mean that you’re eventually going to end up together. The only thing you need to provide is good dick and she’ll take it from there.

That doesn’t necessarily have to be better or worse, you simply have to recognize the game for what it is.

Paying is for many men a real problem even if it shouldn't be. That's why I'll score this one for the American women. It's hard to deny that easy sex without financial investment is a pretty attractive proposal.

Result: 3-1 to the USA and round 3 goes to the American women. I didn't really see this coming and I don't necessarily agree but rules are rules. Being in a relationship with a Russian is not for the faint of heart. If you don't want drama and don't have a firm hand, don't even try.

Russian women vs American women - Round 4: Support and family

We talked relationships but we haven't talked family and how much your woman supports you. 

Halfway through this, I’m sure you’re able to tell that there are a few recurring themes when it comes to what Russian women want from a man.

They’re drawn to strong and driven men but, more importantly, they are ready and eager to commit to him and support him. And by support I mean doing things that a Western woman would not want to do like stay at home, raise the kids, do the housework. Old school stuff. Your vision is their vision.

That is the polar opposite of American women who put their personal development and career first. Your vision comes a distant second.

If you were to ask a Russian woman to move with you because you’re getting offered a better job, there’s a high chance that she’d say yes. An American woman will be much more hesitant about it.

When it comes to supporting your vision, Russian women are the clear winners.

So what about taking care of you?​

“A woman’s job is to keep her man happy”.

Said almost every Russian women.

What sounds like blasphemy to Western women is completely normal for Russian women. They LOVE being a good wife. And that means keeping you as satisfied as possible.

If that sounds like paradise, it is (sometimes).

Not every single woman will wake you up with a BJ and an omelet. But the good ones do and there are plenty of good women out there in Russia.

With American women, you will run into a bit more resistance if you ask them to do the same things.

Unless your game is really strong you’ll be labeled a sexist pig™, a fossil from a dying generation™ or toxically masculine™.

You’re of course always invited to wine and dine the women because that’s what “real men” do.

The bottom line is that if you’re a man who enjoys being treated like one, American women might not be your optimal choice. 2-0 to Russia here.

Until now, you might have gotten the impression that Russia is some sort of a paradise for men with beautiful women standing in line, only waiting to cook, clean and please their men.

It is (I’m only partially kidding).

Even today and even in big cities like Moscow and St.Petersburg (although to a lesser degree of course), there are a lot of women that are happy and eager to get married and pregnant at 21 or even earlier.

Marriage and early motherhood is still a societal norm in Russia, despite all the single mothers and high divorce rate. Reality clashes with people’s ideas and visions of “how things should be”.

Some girls want to “pursue a career first” but that rarely goes past the age of 25. Women that want to have kids (deep) in their 30s like in the West are the complete exception.

Some men are very family-oriented and others just want to have fun. That's why I'll score this as a tie.

Still ok for a lot of Russian women

Result: 3-1 to Russia and that's round 4! Family-oriented and supportive. As long as you can provide financially, Russian women will love you.

Russian women vs American women - Round 5: Ambitions and seriousness

Some of you guys reading will love these few points because it sounds like I am describing the perfect 1950s style housewife.

As with all of these points, there’s a heavy dose of generalization to this one.

But BY AND LARGE, Russian women are happy to stay at home, or at least not against it. Pretty much all of them dream about having children. Staying home isn’t a problem as long as she is busy with something.

American women don’t want to stay at home longer than a few weeks even when they have children.

That’s not me saying one is better than the other. These are just two completely different approaches to life and what a woman’s task in life is.

Russian women rarely have any personal ambitions beyond being a mother. Yea they might have a hobby or some peripheral interests. But what they actually want to do is spend their husband’s money sit on social media all day and take care of their children.

Too harsh for you?

Go ask 20 Russian women how they would feel about such a life. Almost all of them would say yes.

American women are different. They are very ambitioned. Sometimes even too much so. Staying home and having children early HORRIFIES them.

Both approaches can be pleasant and both can be annoying. It depends on your personal taste and on the specific woman you are with. That's why I'll score this one as a tie. 

A good archetype to aim for with Russians

Yet another MASSIVE difference between Russian and Western women is the relative absence of YOLO lifestyle.

In the West, girls live it up in their twenties and decide so “settle down” in their thirties when they’re too old to party.

In Russia, there’s almost no such thing. In Moscow and St.Petersburg the women are somewhat more relaxed about their relationships. But even there, most are looking for a boyfriend even if they do not want to marry early. The principle of sleeping around massively is rather uncommon. Women are always thinking long-term. They might be seeing multiple guys but that doesn’t mean they’re also fucking all of them. Most of the time when a Russian woman has committed to one guy, she won’t be jumping beds quickly.

So “casual dating” and friends with benefits is a concept that exists in Russia but it’s not too common. 

Another tie for me since not everyone might appreciate how slow and serious things move in Russia (outside the biggest cities.)

Result: Our first tied round. If you want an easy, care-free and not very serious fling, America will provide. In Russia, you will have to work much harder for this. At the same time, the women are pretty lazy. 

Russian women vs American women - Final round: Sex

Initially, Russian women CAN be cold. This stereotype is actually totally overplayed because in my experience most girls aren’t cold at all. They might not be bubbly and excessively enthusiastic but most are at least curious.

Either way, you will have to warm them up and court them a bit. But once you’ve unlocked the gate to a Russian woman’s heart, she’ll be very affectionate and loving.

With American women there’s no courting and warming up. They like you or they don’t like you. If she’s into you she’ll be enthusiastic from the start and it will be smooth sailing. But only because you had sex that doesn’t mean that her behavior or attitude towards you is going to change. Sex does not equal more affection.

Many newbies to Russia are surprised that having sex with a woman takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Their sense of fashion and their flirty behavior might suggest something else but Russian women aren’t easy to bed. I’ve had instances when I went on 6-8 dates with a girl before sleeping with her. This obviously varies wildly but getting sex fast isn’t easy.

Different story in the US, isn't it?

It seems completely absurd to see a girl 6-8 times before she wants to sleep with you. Hell, even 3 times seems a high bar.

In Russia sex is harder to get than a relationship. In the West a relationship is harder to get than sex.

Not Russian but she could be...

All that being said, I can safely say that Russian women are absolute MADE for sex. Especially the top-tier women know how important their bedroom skills are so they really put an effort into learning how to please a man. 9 out of 10 women you’ll fuck in Russia will be at least good, most even very good.

It’s hard to make a comparison here without making overgeneralizations. But my experience was that ON AVERAGE Russian women “snap” a bit more when you have sex with them for the first time. Maybe it’s because of the discrepancy between how they want to and feel the need to be sexy and pretty all the time and not being able to act on their instincts.

That becomes most obvious when they drink. Give a Russian girl a few drinks and she will become VERY horny. Naturally all this built-up energy needs to be released at some point and it really shows in the bedroom.

Result: Russia edges this because of their bedroom performance. Truth be told, sex isn't that hard to get in Moscow and St.Petersburg, on par with big US cities. But the quality tips it in favor of the East.

That brings the final tally to four rounds to Russian women, one to American women with one tie.

Therefore, it is settled. In the battle of Russian women vs American women, the Russians come out on top. They may have lost the Cold War but their women are still better...

I came to Russia in 2014 to study. I thought I would leave after one year to pursue a boring office job. But this country offers the adventures and opportunities that you don’t find anymore in the West. I decided to stay in the Wild East.

If you’re sociable, communicative and speak their language, Russians love you. I was decent at the former two and I learned the latter. These days my Russian is fluent and I keep improving my communication skills every day.

I strongly believe that confidence and persistence are the keys to success when dealing with Russia and its people. My mission is to help you to establish a connection with this amazing country, be it through dating, life or language.

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