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Rock n Roll Bar Moscow reviewed by Moscownightguide

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Read the Moscownightguide review of Rock n Roll Bar Moscow. I cover all you need to know from a Moscow nightclub.


Review of: Rock n Roll Bar Moscow

Type of venue: Rock-themed club/bar


Relaxed dress code.


Low prices and drinks deals.


Wild parties till the morning.

That's good

  • Great atmosphere and always packed
  • Very affordable
  • Open 7 days a week

That needs improvement

  • Can get too crowded
  • You seriously might get refused if you don't have ID

Summary: The Rock n Roll Bar is a fun, cheap and always available option for a wild party night with rock music. Just don't forget to bring your ID, even if you are significantly older than 18. 

Where is the Rock n Roll Bar Moscow?

What kind of music do they play in Rock n Roll Bar Moscow?

Rock ‘n Roll is the name of the game here. Any song that features guitars passes the minimum requirements. You will hear anything from Blink 182 over Red Hot Chili Peppers to even Rammstein (Russians love them). The DJ does a good job of mixing it up and keeping people entertained so everyone is dancing and having a blast. But be aware that it is gonna be Rock ‘n Roll all night long. No pop, no electro, no hip hop, it’s all about the guitar riffs here.

What kind of people go to Rock n Roll Bar and how is the vibe?

The Rock ‘n Roll Bar Moscow entertains a mixed crowd that is looking for party. It’s your classic party bar where people are slamming shots at the bar, girls are dancing on the window sills and people are hooking up over a cigarette outside. Overall a spot with a fun vibe and attitudes are pretty much non-existent. The way it’s laid out helps as well. Tables where people can sit together and relax are mostly in the front, or in a semi-separated room in the back of the bar. The bar is not that big but also not too small to get crowded fast.

The selection of music gives Rock ‘n Roll bar a special touch but don’t expect bearded metallers and goth chicks here. You will get anyone between 20 and 30 that is looking for a fun night out and ready to party all night long. Overall, a good mix of people.

When should I go to Rock n Roll Bar?

It gets busy from 12am on and has a good turnover of people until the early morning. Very centrally located too, which means that you will have people that are getting a cab to there because other spots have died down. Fridays and Saturdays are definitely busy, I haven’t checked yet how things are like during the week but the Rock n Roll Bar Moscow is opened daily.

What's the dress code in this club?

Elegance level: relaxed

Rock ‘n Roll Bar means pretty much that: a more relaxed dress code. It is a party place and people dress up a bit but you are going to be fine with something casual and maybe slightly smart.

What are the prices like in this club?

Price level: reasonable

That’s where the bar really scores points. It is one of the cheaper places in Moscow that still pulls an adequate crowd. Cocktails change hands for 400-500 Rubles, beer is not super cheap for 300 Rubles but you get a big selection. Tables start from 10,000 Rubles.

How is the energy in this club?

Energy level: high

This place can get rather fired up even if it gets too crowded sometimes. Often there will also be tons of people smoking outside.

So do you have any insider tips or recommendations for Rock n Roll Bar?

  • There’s more toilets around the wardrobe, apparently not all know that. Also better for…”privacy”.
  • Drink deals with two-for-one for cocktails for 250 Rubles in the early morning hours. For those that never have enough.

Why you should come to the Rock n Roll Bar Moscow

If you are a fun of rockier music, like cheap drinks and want to party strong without attitudes, Rock n Roll Bar will deliver.

I came to Russia in 2014 to study. I thought I would leave after one year to pursue a boring office job. But this country offers the adventures and opportunities that you don’t find anymore in the West. I decided to stay in the Wild East.

If you’re sociable, communicative and speak their language, Russians love you. I was decent at the former two and I learned the latter. These days my Russian is fluent and I keep improving my communication skills every day.

I strongly believe that confidence and persistence are the keys to success when dealing with Russia and its people. My mission is to help you to establish a connection with this amazing country, be it through dating, life or language.

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