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I don't recommend a lot of things but only what I personally use, and can vouch for its effectiveness.

Sometimes I even reccomend against using something but all the stuff below is good shit. The links are affiliate links, so if you do decide to follow my advice: thank you motherfucker and thank you for supporting me and the site!

This course, taught by Andrew Tate, a self-made multimillionaire that built his wealth on the back of his skills with women, will teach you how to get women from the ground up. You will learn what it takes to have multiple girlfriends and sleep with stunning women regularly.

Here is the LINK to Andrew's course or you can click on the picture and ready my review of it. 

If you make the brilliant decision to come to Russia, you are going to need a visa. And to get a visa, you'll need an invitation.

Here is the LINK to the company where I always get my invitation. Reliable, fast and inexpensive. You can read my guide by clicking on the picture.