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Propaganda Moscow reviewed by Moscownightguide

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Read the Moscownightguide review of Propaganda Moscow. I cover all you need to know from a Moscow nightclub.


Review of: Propaganda Club Moscow

Type of venue: Legendary 


Relaxed face control.


Extremely affordable.


European-style electro club.

That's good

  • Very relaxed and unpretentious crowd
  • Super cheap
  • Busy 7 days a week

That needs improvement

  • Small
  • Vibe is a bit dark

Summary: Propaganda is one of the oldest and best-known clubs in Moscow. With its low prices and relaxed door policy, it is a good place for tourists and people that are not into the Moscow glitz and glam. If you don't like electronic music, it will not be for you. 

Where is Propaganda Moscow?

What kind of music do they play in Propaganda?

This nightclub is one of your go-to spots if you want to listen to electro. A lot of local and international (small-stage) DJs come here to play their sets. You want minimal? Go to Propaganda Moscow? Any kind of house music? Propaganda Moscow is your place. You get the deal. If it has a beat and turntables, Proaganda Moscow is where you are going to find it.

What kind of people go to Propaganda and how is the vibe?

Propaganda is an already legendary club in Moscow that was established all the way back in 1997. It is one of the few clubs that has lasted for over a decade in Moscow. It is also, at least in my opinion, the only real “European style” club that constantly plays electronic music.

In terms of music and vibe it could just as well be set up in Berlin or London. The rather small space that it's located in reminds you of a warehouse and makes for a darker but also more chill and relaxed vibe than normally in Moscow. Miles away from the glitz and glam that you find normally find at every other corner. No Porsches parked in front of the night club here, that’s for sure.

A more European vibe also means that you won't have to deal with attitudes like you might in the posher nightclubs of Moscow. The crowd is very mixed. Students, young professionals, techno lovers, tourists, they all congregate at Propaganda. Everyone comes to enjoy the music and enjoy themselves. It is one of the few clubs where the dancefloor dominates and there are almost no tables, apart from a few overlooking the entire space.

Propaganda is a restaurant until midnight. You can come earlier for dinner and stay for the clubbing. After midnight staff clears the tables from the dancefloor and the entire venue turns into a club. It is different though from the usual restaurant/club hybrids in Moscow becausethe vibe changes completely from “relaxed Restaurant” to “underground Electro club”.

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When should I go to Propaganda?

Really any time you want. During the day it is a restaurant so you can come anytime for eating. Propaganda always pulls a crowd, which means that you don’t have to worry about being early or late. It’s also one of the very few (probably the only) club that consistently gets people on Sundays and Weekdays as well. It’s not gonna be packed but if you don’t know where to go during the week and you’re itching to party, hit up Propaganda.

What's the dress code in this club?

Elegance level: low

There pretty much is no dress code. It’s a melting pot, so almost anything goes here. You will stand out if you look extremely fashionable. Just be nice at the door.

What are the prices like in this club?

Price level: low

Drinks are very cheap here. You can slam down decently strong Jack’n Cokes for 250 RUB. No bottle service.

How is the energy in this club?

Energy level: decent

Propaganda isn't wild but it packs a nice little punch due to its compact interior. You will not get bored in here.

So do you have any insider tips or recommendations for Propaganda?

  • If you want to go on Sunday, be aware that it’s gay night. Just a friendly headsup.

Why you should come to Propaganda Moscow

If you like small clubs that play real electronic music and the crowd that goes with it, Propaganda is for you. It’s probably the most democratic club in Moscow and your last resort on slow weeknights.

I came to Russia in 2014 to study. I thought I would leave after one year to pursue a boring office job. But this country offers the adventures and opportunities that you don’t find anymore in the West. I decided to stay in the Wild East.

If you’re sociable, communicative and speak their language, Russians love you. I was decent at the former two and I learned the latter. These days my Russian is fluent and I keep improving my communication skills every day.

I strongly believe that confidence and persistence are the keys to success when dealing with Russia and its people. My mission is to help you to establish a connection with this amazing country, be it through dating, life or language.

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