london is terrible

You think London is cool? You wanna know whether it’s a vibrant and awesome place to live in? You’re moving to London and can’t wait to get there? Let me tell you something. London fuckin sucks ass for men. Read this epic rant where I give you the unfiltered truth about Europe’s worst city.

How are Russian women like

You know what annoys me? When I google typical features of Russian women and read nothing but generic bullshit advice.

Dating in Russia

If you’ve never dated a Russian woman before, it may seem a bit daunting. You probably think about all the possible ways how you can fuck up. The language barrier could kill the entire vibe and with it your chances. One joke she takes the wrong way and a small cultural misunderstanding has killed your

how to meet russian women

You want to meet Russian women but you don’t know where to start?

Horny Russian Women

Today it’s story time gentlemen. Lots of men on the internet have the impression that Russian women are some sort of non-stop horny sex goddesses. Honestly, I can’t even blame you guys. Russian women are omnipresent when it comes to models, porn stars and any other job where you need beautiful women. But is this cliché

Mamba dating

You’re ready to meet the Russian woman of your dreams. You did your due diligence and dug up the most popular online dating sites in Russia to start contacting these long-legged beauty queens. At first it’s all going well. But then you fire up the Mamba dating app and it all starts going terribly wrong. How? That’s what I

Moscow Nightlife 2019

You are probably looking for information about Moscow nightlife and can’t find fresh and good info anywhere on the net. Lucky for you, your search is over because you found the best and only guide about Moscow nightlife you will ever need. Your mouth will be watering and you’re probably going to check Skyscanner after reading

Ultimate Bar Guide Moscow 2019

You’ve been looking for good bar recommendations for Moscow you’re saying? Good. Your search is officially over because this is the best and most recent guide that shows you all the best bars in Moscow, which you absolutely must not miss.

Since you’re here, I guess you are wondering whether you should get Andrew “Cobratate” Tate’s course about how to get girls. Lucky for you, I already got it and wrote a 100% honest, unbiased, no-BS review so you know exactly what you are getting into.

Slavic woman

Do you prefer Slavic women or Western women? Well… do you even know the difference between Slavic women and Western women?