Are you thinking something along the lines of...

"I want to experience the world-famous Moscow nightlife but..."

…maybe you don’t speak the language and are a bit afraid or shy that you will not be able to talk to anyone.

Russian is a difficult language and you know just a few words at best. How are you going to get around in the city? And how are you going to talk to all these sexy Russian girls in Moscow?

Or you just don’t know the city.

Doesn’t matter whether you have never been or you live here but you are just not knowledgeable about what the good nightlife spots are.

You might have googled some of them…but what does Google actually know? It would probably be best if someone could actually SHOW YOU the best places for your taste

It could be that you are just plain lazy or you have no experience in organizing some cool activities and a fantastic night out. 

You wouldn’t even know where to start. What fun stuff is there to do in Moscow? 

Of course you want to meet some of the famously sexy and seductive Russian girls as well. But how and where to start? 

What are the tips and tricks to get them interested in you?

Do they speak English?

How are they different from the girls you usually meet? 

Questions upon questions…

Party in Moscow like an INSIDER

Moscow is an amazing city for nightlife.

But it can be a bit frustrating when you do not actually have someone that can “show you the ropes". Sure you are going to have fun without. But you are always going to feel like the outsider looking in:

When they try to hustle you for money when you want to take a cab

When the barman is yelling at you and you have no fuckin idea what he wants

When you can't do the real fun activities or party your ass off because you don’t know how and what and where

When you want to talk to that sexy girl but she doesn’t speak English and there is nobody to help you

It would be just better if you had someone who can help you out with all the annoying stuff and makes sure you have a GREAT TIME.

Someone COOL and KNOWLEDGEABLE who can show you around.

You know, like an old friend that you come to visit and then you go tear up the city.

Only better.

Someone that you can do the REAL Moscow experience with. Do Moscow like an INSIDER. Someone that you can have an amazing and unforgettable experience with.

I would say...

Let's tear up Moscow together.

What I can help you with

  • Organization if you are ​coming to Moscow, such as visa, hotel and transfer from the airport
  • Recommending and planning daytime activities: you can do almost anything that you can imagine in Moscow and it all depends on your budget.
  • Wanna do a tour through Moscow and actually see something of the city before you dive into its debaucherous nightlife?
  • Try one of the famous Russian saunas (and possibly sweat out your hangover)?
  • Go to a vodka degustation? (highly recommend that!)
  • Shoot a Kalashnikov like a true Russian mobster?
  • Go to a sports event? (if timetables permit)
  • That's only a few selected options and we can discuss any other wishes or idas you might have!
  • Recommending and planning nightlife experience: this is where the real fun begins.
  • Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, afterhours spots, strip clubs, you name it. Anything goes in Moscow and the only thing you can be sure about is that you will have an absolute blast. We’ll do a tailor-made experience that will fit YOUR TASTE and YOUR DESIRES.


How does it work?

Contact me and we will discuss your wishes and plans and how to proceed from there.

After that you need to put down a 100€ DEPOSIT that is already part of the final price of your package. The total cost depends entirely on the design of your night and day activities. We will stay in touch during the entire organization process to make sure we are on the same page.

Why the deposit?

In order to ensure we are both serious about our agreement. Planning and organizing requires time and effort and my time is valuable, as is yours.

What happens after the deposit?

We stay constantly in touch about the organization until I make you a final proposal which includes the final cost. This will be NON-REFUNDABLE, however we can transfer the dates if you wish (say due to personal or logistical reasons).

How much will the final cost be?

Depends on what you want to do, where you want to do it and whether you want to have me or someone else accompany you. We will discuss all details during our Skype call.

Can I chicken out after I paid the deposit?

Sure you can, leaves more of Moscow and its nightlife to me, ha!

How do I pay?

We can discuss this during the organization process.

What can you organize?

Any of the above mentioned and more, depending on what you wish.

What if I just want a part of what you propose, say one night with you in a club?

Totally cool, can be arranged as well. It is all about the best program for you.

Is this only for men? Can we get female guides too?

No and yes. Of course ladies are welcome and yes, I can find you ladies that can show you around as well. Again, this will all be a part of the planning process.

If you are still not convinced then maybe you should take a look at what other have to say...

What customers say

It was a very positive experience, definitely way better than overrated pub crawls. Moscow's nightlife scene was one of the best i've experienced so far, and it definitely deserves its spot as one of the best cities for parties. However, in the beginning we were rejected from two clubs, and me and my friends ended up in shitty bars that overcharged our drinks. After that we decided not to waste another night and get a guide that could help us out, and it totally worth it.


I'd recommend to everybody who is looking forward to enjoy Moscow's nightlife at its best. [...] If you don't speak Russian and doesn't have a local friend to help you out, don't think you are gonna run into a top crazy VIP party where Russian models go get wild, most likely you are gonna end up in a overrated bar suggested by a guy named Brian from the hostel who apparently had a good time there yesterday.


Most of the time I travel with my friends, we end up limiting ourselves to typical touristic areas and get drunk with random tourists like ourselves, which can be "nice", although if you are looking to get to know the city's real nightlife culture where the locals get together, you are gonna need to know someone who knows the city's hottest spots where your options of socializing aren't limited to a group of French backpackers.

Vinnie Nogueira

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