Interview Moscownightguide

Moscownightguide talks girls, nightlife, living in Moscow & much more

Today I have a shameless self-promotion post for you. I linked up with Kyle from This is Trouble for an interview. Kyle is an expert on Online Business, Eastern Europe, Girls (of course) and more.


Here's what we are talking about in the interview:

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    What brought me to Moscow in the first place
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    One lucrative way to making money as a foreigner living in Moscow
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    How much money you need to live a decent life in Moscow
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    What different types of nightlife you can find in Moscow
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    How my "going out routine" looks like
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    What the hottest clubs in Moscow are at the moment
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    The mistakes you CANNOT MAKE with Russian girls
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    And much more that I can't even remember...

Do yourself a favour and listen to this two-part episode full of gold that will blow any "expert advice" out of the water.

You can listen to it here:

Part 1 & Part 2

You can also subscribe to Kyle's podcast where he's dropping tons of gold on a regular basis (much more regular than me, ha!).