Strip Clubs in Moscow

Do you want to get into the best Moscow strip clubs with the hottest girls for free?

I have an amazing offer for you.

Contact me to get FREE ENTRY to some of Moscow's hottest strip clubs.

And I'm not talking about one...

Or two...

Or even three...

But no less than SIX different gentlemen's clubs that you can choose from. That's right, you can literally walk into six different Moscow's gentlemen's clubs and not pay a dime to enjoy the amazing shows.

If that's not a steal, I don't know what is.

These are the clubs I can get you in to:

  • Aurora Club​​​​
  • The Moscow Penthouse Club
  • 911 Club
  • The Loft
  • Angels Club​​​​
  • Hunters

You SAVE yourself 2000 Rubles entry per person with my free VIP passes.

Or in other words: I'm gifting you 20 lapdances from sexy Russian strippers (cause tip is usually 100 Rubles you know...).

Plus you get 10% OFF the menu but I know you only care about the girls and that's ok.

Would be pretty stupid to NOT take free lapdances from hot Russian girls if you ask me...


How do I get the passes?

You will receive a mail after signing up with instructions. We can either meet in Moscow at a time and place that is convenient for both and I give you the passes personally. I can also send a courier at your cost to where you'd like to receive them. This costs less than 10$, so if you're planning on visiting more than once it is easily worth the money.

Do the passes cost anything? 

No! That's the beauty of it. FREE means FREE. I get 10% of the nominal entry, while you get in for free (and 10% off the menu). Everybody wins. 

Do I need only one pass or a new one every time?

You need a new pass every time. However, passes are valid for two people. Let's say you're in a group of four, then you need two cards. You can also enter alone with one pass, that's fine too. Or you make some guy on the street happy and take him with you, ha.

How many passes can I get?

Unlimited! As I said, the passes are free and you can get as many as you wish. I don't work for the clubs directly, so whether you go or not is totally up to you. But they are good fun and that's why I can recommend going there.

How long are they valid?

Indefinitely! If you want a year's worth of passes, be my guest. 

Is a pass only valid for one club?

Yes. One pass per two guests per club. However, you can get as many as you want.

Can I get some for my friends too?

Oh absolutely, the more the merrier.

You might find this funny but they are also very popular among companies for business travellers and guests and the sorts. If you're reading this and you're working in a company that is looking to entertain its male guests or staff, do absolutely get in touch with me.

How do I need to use them?

When you enter the club, just hand over your pass to the friendly girls that will welcome you. They will hand you back the part of the card where it says 10%. Keep that and give it to the waitresses when you pay.

What do I get 10% discount on?

Anything on the menu. Any fun you want to have with the girls is not included.

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