If you are into these bars, you should keep reading...

"Bars that not everyone knows and that are not overrun by tourists"

Moscow is full of cool speakeasys, atmospheric cocktail bars, secret and semi-secret bars and really quirky drinking spots.

You can find all of them, but you have to know where to look.

Because you sure as hell won’t find them on...


...Lonely Planet


...nope, not even on Google.

To find these really unique and little-known places, it takes a lot of time and effort.

It took me more than 2 years of going out in Moscow to find them. But now I know some real hidden gems and you can take advantage of that

You can get a truly unique experience because I will show you my city’s best bars.

Here's what you'll get:

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    A customized itinerary (yes, there are multiple possibilities!)
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    Visits to several of Moscow's best (secret) bars
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    One cocktail included at the bar that we start at (also several possibilities!)
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    A selection of Moscow's most delicious cocktails
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    Unlimited stories about Moscow, its nightlife, the local way of life, and many other interesting facts...
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    The opportunity to pick my brain on things to do in Moscow during the day, at night, and sights to see (essentially a FREE CONSULTING SESSION!)


How does it work?

Click HERE and get in touch with me and we will discuss the what, when and where.

How long is the tour and how many bars will we visit?

The tour will be around 3 hours long and we visit 3, not more than 4 bars.

How much is it?

The Moscownightguide Bar Tour was 129€.


For a limited amount of time, I am running the tour at a SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE OF 79€.

And that is with one cocktail included!

Don't hesitate on this amazing offer because I can't guarantee that one for long...

How do I pay?

You pay me in cash at the beginning of the tour.

What if I don’t drink? Doesn’t make sense for me then, does it?

It does absolutely since you still get to see a lot of very cool and atmospheric bars. Granted, if you are drinking cocktails, you will probably have more fun but this is a tour for everyone.

How many people can or will come?

The tour always consists of at least two but no more than 5 people (and me). This is not your run-of-the-mill pub crawl but we'll see some genuinely cool places that most Muscovites do not even know about. That is why it's a small and cosy group. 

When do the tours run?

Every evening! Some bars are of course closed on the early weekdays, so we make adjustments but that will all be agreed upon before the start.

Where and when do we meet?

In the evening around 7pm - 8pm in the center of Moscow. The exact location depends on the itinerary.

Get a tour of the best Moscow bars NOW

WhatsApp/Call/Text me under +7 925 596 55 46

Join my tour and experience Moscow’s nightlife from a different perspective. And if you like clubs more, check this out!