Jagger Bra Moscow reviewed by Moscownightguide

Jagger Bar Moscow reviewed by Moscownightguide

Read the Moscownightguide review of the Jagger Bar Moscow. I cover all you need to know from a Moscow nightclub.


Review of: Jagger Bar Moscow

Type of venue: Popular party club


Not too elegant but not too low-end either.


Affordable prices for a popular place.


One of the most popular party places.

That's good

  • Very popular
  • Great energy where people come to party
  • Outside area that allows for open-air parties in summer

That needs improvement

  • Sometimes too crowded
  • Music is sometimes repetitive and doesn't have the right flow

Summary: Jagger is one of the most popular clubs in Moscow and a great choice if you are looking for a wild night out that ends only in the early morning. It's aways packed and the people that come are there for partying. Don't come if you plan for a quieter night.

Where is the Jagger Bar Moscow?

What kind of music do they play in Jagger?

The music in Jagger is a bit of a mixed bag. It is usually a mix of classics like the Rolling Stones, 2000s music and what’s hot at the moment. That does not always make sense, but it’s better than it sounds now. Most of the time you’ll have a drink in one hand, and the person you met two minutes ago when getting the drink in the other. So don’t worry, you will be absolutely fine.

What kind of people go to Jagger and how is the vibe?

The Jagger Bar Moscow attracts a slightly older average Moscow crowd, typically young professionals in their twenties. Average age is about 25. But it also attracts married people or younger students. Sometimes, Jagger also pulls in people from the much fancier Duran Bar close by, especially from 3am to 4am onwards.

It has a great energy with a slightly bar-ish vibe. If you don’t like super loud and dark nightclubs, but prefer a place that has music to dance and you still can talk, then this will be a good spot for you. It can get wild and fun but don’t expect outright debauchery.

There’s two areas, an inside and an outside area. The latter is covered and heated in winter. Unlike in other clubs, they are not physically separated and you can freely stroll from one to the other. The key here is to know that the madness actually happens inside in winter and outside in summer. In summer you will be partying open air, and since the sun rises very early in Moscow in the summer months, you will be partying in broad daylight.

Oh and one more thing: the Jagger Bar Moscow is quite popular with tourists, so expect an influx of them especially in the summer months.

When should I go to Jagger?

As in most places, Fridays and Saturdays are the nights to go. It used to be pretty packed between 1am and 2am, but in my opinion that has shifted a bit. These days, peak times at Jagger are between 2am and 3am. On a good night, you can still have a solid crowd inside the club after 5am. Bear in mind though that you can’t enter after 5am anymore.

What's the dress code in this club?

Elegance level: regular

There is no strict dress code at Jagger so a common sense approach will do. Like always in Moscow you want to look decent, so keep your sports clothes for Sundays.

What are the prices like in this club?

Price level: standard

Cocktails are up to 600 Rubles, beer is 250 Rubles. Cocktails can be very strong, especially if you help the barmen out with a tip. Bottle service starts at 20,000 Rubles.

How is the energy in this club?

Energy level: high

The Jagger Bar Moscow is one of the best places when it comes to unpretentious partying. Just do not plan on staying sober.

So do you have any insider tips or recommendations for Jagger?

  • Don't take any kind of substances with you (besides the, ahem, obvious ones). Bouncers here are very strict with that you'll even have to leave creams and eye drops at the entrance.

Why you should come to the Jagger Bar Moscow

Come here if you like a place that is not a typical nightclub but has still all the advantages of a nightclub. It’s for you, if you like to slam down shots with the barmen, enjoy a cool night out with your gang at the tables, or meet people that you can actually see and hear talking.