How to pick the best nightclub for your taste

How to pick the best nightclub for your taste

Do you know these Top 10 lists?

"The Top 10 nightclubs in Who-cares-where"

You know what the problem with these lists is?


They don’t know who they are addressing.

Maybe my Top 10 isn’t the same like your Top 10.

Maybe I define the best nightclubs as those which have the best atmosphere, the friendliest and most gorgeous women and the best music (and so should you).

But maybe you don’t. Maybe for you it’s all about good music. Or about good value for money. Or about being really flashy and expensive. Hell, you could care about the color of their seats for all I know.

The bottom line is that only because someone else says a club is the best, it doesn’t actually have to be that way for you. You have to think about what you value and what you enjoy when you’re out partying.

Pick the wrong place and you'll spend a lot of money, time and energy on something you don't even like. Maybe you don't dig the music, maybe the place is too cheap for you or the energy is too low. Maybe it is not your type of crowd or it could even be a combination of all of them.

To avoid getting yourself in this situation you should read this guide on how to pick the best nightclub for your taste.

In the guide you're going to find out:

  • How to figure out what you places you like
  • Which 5 criteria you use to pick a nightlife spot (even if you're not aware of it!)
  • Why women care about some of them more than men
  • How you can use Moscownightguide to pick the perfect place for yourself

Read this guide to become aware of what you like. The step-by-step guide your get will help you to make the right choice for your taste instead of following the latest fad or crappy advice from "expert friends".

How to figure out what nightlife venue is for you

Everyone is different. Some people, like me, love nightclubs. Others prefer bars or lounges. Or maybe you are into pubs or jazz clubs. But if you're on this site, chances are you are into nightclubs (and maybe stripclubs). Chances are you want to find out something about Moscow nightclubs.

So how do you find one that's good for you?

You pick one that fits our taste. Most people have a few criteria that are important to them. But few can actually name them because they don't really think about it. That's why people end up going to places they don't like and bitch about it later.

I want you to have a good experience, so I'll tell you the 5 criteria that everyone pays attention to. Maybe some are more important for you than others or maybe you only really care about two or three of them. But you definitely want to be aware about all of them, especially if you go somewhere for the first time.

The 5 criteria for picking your favorite nightclub are:

  • Music​​​​
  • Energy
  • People
  • Elegance​​​​
  • Prices

I will show you for every criterion what you need to pay attention to and how to pick the right place.

1. Music

Music is the foundation to a venue’s vibe and the people that go there. Think about how often you've been longer than a few minutes in a club where you couldn't stand the music. Probably not very often.

Women will not go to a place where they do not like the music. The majority of them will prefer spots that play music they know and can dance to.

It is more tolerable for men to hang out at a place with poor music. But music is important to men too and we will rarely return to a place consistently if we hate the music there.

In Moscow you get mostly commercial music, Russian pop and different types of electronic music. There is the occasional venue with Latin music, rock or hip hop & rap but those are exceptions to the rule.

Think about what kind of music you prefer listening to when you're out and check out the club reviews to see the music at all the venues that are featured in there. Or even better, take the quiz to get the Moscownightguide Nightclub Ranking.

2. Energy

If music is the foundation then the energy is what keeps a nightclub together. In order to have a harmonious and consistent vibe both have to work in sync.

Before going out, ask yourself:

How is my energy tonight?

What kind of energy do I want to surround myself with?

You have spots that are high energy with people dancing on the bar, lots of alcohol flowing and lots of hooking up going on.

Others have a bit less energy, where you can alternate between having a drink and a conversation at the bar and being on a not-so-packed dancefloor.

Or you prefer a more relaxed and chill vibe where people come to space out and just go with the flow.

Maybe you want just to have a conversation, away from the noise and hustle and bustle of a classic club.

Sometimes you can even have a combination of some of them. Go to the club reviews, where you can see in the ratings whether a venue has high or low energy. 

3. People

The music and the energy determine what kind of people will visit a nightclub. Take all three of them together and you get a club's reputation. 

Women like to go to the places that have “the right people” The emphasis here is on people. We are not talking about having lots of attractive guys (although that clearly helps), or a specific type of people. It just has to be a good mixture. Now women won’t be able to tell you exactly what that means (I know you ladies are nodding in agreement), but when it feels right they will know it.

Men are a lot simpler. They only care about one half (ideally) of the people inside a club. If a place has a lot of hot women a lot of men will go there, or try to go there. Unfortunately, in doing so, they often drive the women out and ruin the place.

You get a lot of different kind of people in Moscow nightclubs. I've written an entire guide on crowd types in Moscow, you can check it out here. You'll see which type of crowd tends to go where and make your choice accordingly.

Alternatively you can read about what kind of crowd every club has in the club reviews .

4. Elegance

In Moscow you can't talk nightclubs if you don't talk elegance. How posh is a club? Is it full of oligarchs and model girls? Do you need to throw on the white shirt and a suit or is just fancy enough?

At the other end you have the complete opposite with very simple beer bars and underground clubs where anything goes.

If you like fancy clubbing then Moscow is the perfect city for you but even if you don't, you'll be able to check out a club's rating on elegance in the club reviews.

An even easier and quicker way is to take the quiz and look up the club's ranking in the Moscownightguide Nightclub Ranking.

5. Price

Finally, everyone cares about prices one way or another. Some don't want to spend too much and others don't want to go to cheap dive bars but party in style. In Moscow you can drink as cheap as two bucks per beer or spend a grand on fine champagne if you want to party in a top club with models. The choice is up to you.

Even if you have never tried, you should read the guide on bottle service, since the experience is well worth the money and getting a table in Moscow is comparatively cheap to other top tier cities.

If you want to know how expensive a club is then you just need to check out its rating in the club reviews.

Now you should be well-prepared to figure out how to party the way you like. And there is no better way than this way.