Crowd types in Moscow nightclubs

Crowd types in Moscow nightclubs

One of the beauties of going out a lot is that you improve your people skills pretty quickly. Eventually you become so good at it that you are able to tell certain groups of people apart by merely seeing them.

The truth is that certain kinds of people like to go to certain Moscow night clubs. I am sure you know this: this club is famous for having these types but they would never go to this other club…and so on. Certain characters just repeat themselves over and over again.


So to make your life easier and give you an even more precise idea of the crowds in Moscow night clubs than I already did in the club reviews, I put together this guide on crowd types. Bear in mind that it is completely subjective. Maybe you’ll even find it a bit offensive since I keep it very honest in the guide. But as they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

In the guide you will learn this about people who go to Moscow clubs:

  • Whether they are male or female (some types can be either one or the other)
  • How old they are
  • How they’re dressed
  • Who they’re with and what they are up to
  • Where you can find them

So not only will you be able to recognize them but you’ll also know where certain groups of people go to and others don’t. That means you can really use this humorous guide when you plan your night of partying.

Moscow night club type #1: The normal student

Age: 18-23

Dressed: like a student, not too sexy or elegant. Casual clothes.

Goes out with: his or her group but if it's just girls it can also be with her "best friend". Usually looking to have a good time with friends.

Goes to: places that are not too expensive but mostly party clubs or cheaper bars.

Type #2: The rich student

Age: 18-23

Dressed: distinctly better than regular students. Most of the time more stylish and sexy but it can be hard to distinguish between those two groups.

Goes out with: groups or a friend like the regular student. Students of this type might get a TABLE though since they can afford it.

Goes to: party clubs but occasionally also posh clubs especially if we are talking about female students.

Type #3: The gold digger (female only)

Age: 18-25 (but can be older too sometimes)

Dressed: very sexy and provocative. Will usually be one of the top women in the club.

Goes out with: a female friend that is almost always equally as attractive. If you see a girl like this on her own, chances are she is an actual escort or at the very least looking for a sponsor for the night and beyond that.

Goes to: Posh places exclusively.

Type #4: The expat (male only)

Age: Usually 40 and older, rarely younger

Dressed: most of the time well but you can also find poorly dressed examples, especially if it is not a high-end venue.

Goes out with: almost exclusively alone, sometimes in company of the women that I mentioned in number 3. You will find a group of expats pretty much only if it is an actual meeting of them. He can usually be told apart by his terrible or entire lack of Russian.

Goes to: high-end clubs or designated expat places like Papa's.

Type #5: The nouveau riche (mostly male)

Age: Anywhere between 25 and 40.

Dressed: sometimes well, sometimes no taste at all (think: Ed Hardy shirts).

Goes out with: his group and sometimes female friends that might or might not be gold diggers. Is usually out to make it rain and drink a lot. Can be told apart by obnoxious behavior and flashing of wealth.

Goes to: posh places and anything that has above average prices.

Type #6: The provincial type

Age: Anywhere between 18 and 40

Dressed: casual to very poorly (think: Adidas sweatpants).

Goes out with: in groups if it’s guys, in a group or with a single friend if we are talking about girls. They are looking for a good time, which means party and lots of alcohol. Mostly from Moscow suburbs and going home by metro, so they stay until the early morning if need be.

Goes to: only to rough & real bars.

Type #7: The creative type

Age: 18-30, can be a student or working in the creative industry

Dressed: casual or trendy, according to the latest fashion trends. Usually similar in style to what people wer in Western fashion capitals.

Goes out with: no specific preference but usually where other like-minded people are hanging out too.

Goes to: Strelka, Simachev, Gazgolder, Chateau de Fantomas

Type #8: The underground type

Age: Anywhere between 18 and 40.

Dressed: underground style, so extremely casual and dressed down. Not to be confused with wearing exclusively black.

Goes out with: no specific preference but goes out to enjoy electro and space out (which can include drugs). Alcohol and socializing are not first priorities.

Goes to: underground spots.

Type #9: The pick-up guy (male only)

Age: 18-30

Dressed: smart-casual to sharp, depending on the venue he is at.

Goes out with: mostly a single guy but can also be alone or in a group. Goes gout to meet and seduce girls, can but doesn’t have to include alcohol.

Goes to: places that have a reputation for hooking up like party clubs.

Type #10: The foreigner (mostly male)

Age: 18-30

Dressed: well if he is aware of the dress code in Moscow clubs, poorly if he is not.

Goes out with: his or her friends, often in a group. Can be told apart by lack of Russian and typical group dynamics like standing in a circle. Can be very shy or very expressive, depending on the character and if it’s their first time in Moscow.

Goes to: typical spots that tourists know like Jagger and Gipsy.

Type #11: The party type

Age: 18-30 but usually on the younger end of that.

Dressed: without a distinct style.

Goes out with: usually just one friend. Goes out to let loose, have fun, drink, dance, flirt and socialize. Usually extroverted and very high energy.

Goes to: almost any place but usually places that have high energy.

Type #12: The model

Age: 18-23

Dressed: sexy.

Goes out with: one or a group of friends that are almost always female. Might be hired by the club as eye candy and is usually not very outgoing and expressive (but can change with more alcohol). Is usually hard to tell apart from gold diggers or “regular” attractive girls.

Goes to: posh clubs or high-end bars like Kalina or Luch.

Type #13: The young professional

Age: 23-35

Dressed: stylish to sharp

Goes out with: no specific preference, can be with a mixed group or even with their significant other. Is part of Moscow’s upper middle class and works in a big company with international exposure.

Goes to: almost any place, depending on personal preference. I have met them at posh but also underground or places like Klava.

If you think I missed someone or if you totally disagree with my breakdown write me a comment! I'm always happy to show you some of the types in person.