Consulting calls

Should you consult with me?

If you need help with one of the following things, you should get in touch with me:

  • How to attract, date and build strong bonds with beautiful Russian women whether in Russia or abroad. I am not a pick-up artist. Instead, I work with you on building the foundation for sustainable success with Russian women. That includes working on your mind(set) and body (factors you control) and learning about how Russian women tick (factors you do not control entirely).
  • You are traveling to Moscow and want to have a GOOD TIME. I have consulted travelers and expats on organization, safety and logistics of being in Russia.
  • You are coming to Moscow, looking for the best party experience possible. I organize nightclub and bar tours, tables and parties with beautiful women. 
  • How to do business in Russia. ​I have worked over a year in a Russian company (and many more with Russian clients) and can consult you on cultural and comincation questions with Russian clients. I can also point you in the right direction regarding opening a business and getting legal advice in Russia.
  • How to learn Russian (or German, English, Spanish, Croatian...). I speak Russian at C2 level and know what it takes to effectively learn a language.

I've consulted individuals and companies on dating, travel and brand building to and in Russia. You will not find anyone with a deeper expertise in these topics. The choice is yours. 

Practical information

  • My rates are 99€ per 30mins or 149€ per 60 mins. In case you book one hour of consulting, I offer a free email bonus. You mail me your questions before our scheduled call and I can pre-prepare custom-tailored advice. Thus, you effectively get 2 hours of consulting at the price of 1.  
  • Monthly retainers and long-term consulting at favorable rates can be arranged. Please shoot me a mail at ivan at moscownightguide dot com with your request.
  • Consulting is payable via Bitcoin, Paypal or wire transfer in the EU or Russian Federation (all subject to transaction fees).