Chips Club Moscow reviewed by Moscownightguide

Chips Moscow reviewed by Moscownightguide

Read the Moscownightguide review of Chips Moscow. I cover all you need to know from a Moscow nightclub.


Review of: Chips Moscow

Type of venue: Restaurant/bar/club


Look elegant to fit in.


Decent prices for a nice ambiente.


More suited for dinner.

That's good

  • Elaborate and elegant interior
  • Cool summer terrace with a nice view
  • Solid prices 

That needs improvement

  • No party vibe
  • Often more empty than full
  • Staff is sub-standard

Summary: If you are looking for an elegant option for dinner or a date, Chips Moscow will not disappoint. For partying try to hit it early and see whether it's a good night. Overall though, there's more popular spots with a similar concept. 

Where is Chips Moscow?

What kind of music do they play in Chips?

A mix of domestic Russian music, house and international hits. The music is definitely not this venue's strongest selling point because it follows no clear concept.

What kind of people go to Chips and how is the vibe?

Chips Moscow is part of the same group of venues like like Cherdak and Valenok are. Hence, the general "look and feel" of Chips Moscow is very similar to those places. It has a very restaurant-ish vibe, even more so than the other two venues. Chips Moscow is the smallest out of these three, if you don't account for the picturesque summer terrace. The arrangement inside feels slightly overloaded with tables (even more so than usually) and you have little space to move around. That is probably why, in terms of atmosphere, it is the quietest out of those three and gets the least amount of visitors. People will come here to eat, have a drink, take their selfies and that is about it. The crowd is very similar to what you'll find at Valenok: young to mid-20s but much less looking to party.

When should I go to Chips?

If it's good, it will be good early. Try hitting it up between 12am and 1am and figure out what kind of night it is.

What's the dress code in this club?

Elegance level: above average

Chips Moscow leans to the elegant side of Moscow clubs but you should have no problems in getting in if you dress right.

What are the prices like in this club?

Price level: standard​​​​

Same prices like in comparable venues, so you'll pay 500-600 Rubles for the cocktail of your choice. Minimum spend at a table is 10,000 Rubles total from 7 people upwards.

How is the energy in this club?

Energy level: low​​​​

Compared to its cousins, Chips is the definitely the slowest venue.

So do you have any insider tips or recommendations for Chips?

  • Chips Moscow makes for a better restaurant venue in summer when the terrace is open.

Why you should come to Chips Moscow

​If you are in the area and looking for a more high-end place to start the night, this will be one of your best options.