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The Monster Guide to Moving to Russia

Moving to Moscow

In 2014, I moved to Russia for the first time. I was a student back then that already had lived in two different foreign countries. Russia was a different animal though. That wasn't just another feel-good European country. It was big bad, scary, unknown Russia. Maybe not exactly scary but I did have a healthy amount of respect. When you move to a foreign country, especially one you have never been to before, even the most mundane things become interesting. If you're reading this, you're interested in moving abroad as well. I put together this 7,000+ word guide to answer as many questions as possible about living in Russia.

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The Boots-On-The-Ground Guide to Teaching English in Russia

It was always one of your biggest dreams. Finally, you’ve had the balls to pull the trigger and go ahead with it.

You've always dreamed about traveling and experiencing another culture. But not just any culture. Russia is your dream destination.

You just have one small problem.

How are you going to make money there?

Well, you did read somewhere that you can make good money with teaching English in Russia. But is that really true?

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