Have you ever thought something like this...

"I would like to party once like a rich Russian with models and bottles at my table"

Those were pretty much the exact words that I was thinking for a long time.

Nights upon nights I had spent in Moscow nightclubs.

Hell, it wasn’t only in Moscow but almost every city that I have been to.

And I always had this little nagging feeling that I am in the right place but I'm doing something wrong…

Look, I love nightlife. It’s a thrill to me. And if you are here then chances are you either love it too or want to experience it the right way.

So you probably know the feeling when you are in a nightclub but still feel kind of lost in the masses. Like a hen in a henhouse. Surrounded by hundreds of other people, all sweating, dancing, smoking, drinking and worse…

I mean, sure, that can be fun. For a while.

But it also can get really annoying really fast.

When that drunk guy next to you spills over your drink…

When those grinding teenagers keep bumping into you on the dancefloor…

When you can’t get a drink cause there’s like a million friggin' people waiting at the bar…

I always knew that getting a table was the solution. And I don’t know about you but I always had those three myths in my mind that kept me from doing it.

Myth #1: You have to be rich to get a table

Sure, if you get the best table at the most exclusive venue for 20 people then you should be ready to drop a few grand. But tables start at less than a 100$ per head in Moscow. Now compare that to any other major city in the world. How many cities do you know where you can party pretty much 12 hours straight? And I haven’t even talked about the girls and the parties yet…

Bottom line is that a table can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be. I had nights where I spent way more at the bar than if I had simply gotten a table.

Myth #2: Getting a table is complicated

Now there is no way around this. Yes getting a table is not easy, especially in Moscow. But keep reading because I have a solution for this…

Myth #3: Getting a table is not worth it

You mean getting a table is not worth it like getting a nicer car for the same price?

Or not worth it like being upgraded from economy class to first class?

Or not worth it like getting yourself that five star hotel instead of the three star dungeon where you usually vacation?

Sure, if you think those are not worth it, then this is probably not for you. But if you want to party the right way then a table should be your staple and not an upgrade.

Why getting a table will take your experience to the next level

Once I did this a few times, I was converted.

It was just so much easier.

The drinks come to you and so do the girls.

You feel like the boss, the king of your own little kingdom.

So if you ask me what the benefits are, here are just a few off the top of my head:

  • check
    Getting drinks, food and whatever you may desire served at your own real estate instead of the bar with the “common people”
  • check
    Actually saving money since splitting a bottle is always more value for money, even if you go for the Grey Goose (now if you buy 10 of them this doesn’t hold anymore but you know what I mean…)
  • check
    Drinking what you like the way how you like it – screw that noob at the bar who think he’s the shit and feeds you a poorly mixed Long Island
  • check
    Being the VIP instead of just another face in the club and enjoying all the perks that come with it, such as having an AMAZING EXPERIENCE, being served instead of serving others and special attention and increased visibility from guests in the club…(of course I mean sexy girls)
  • check
    Leveraging your experience for use beyond nightlife. You can make contacts with other power players at the other tables. The return on investment you can get from these contacts and potential future business could be multiples of what you paid for your table. 


How does it work?

Click HERE and get in touch with me and we will discuss the what, when and where.

Where can I get a table?

Almost any of the clubs I reviewed, if not I will get in contact with someone who can.

How much is it?

The booking is FREE, the deposit can be anywhere between 20,000 Rubles and 150,000 Rubles. Read more info about that in my guide on bottle service.

How do I pay?

You will have to pay the club (most of the times) cash. Prepayment via card or other means of payment can be arranged for a fee. I will give you precise instructions upon contacting me.

What if I don’t drink? Doesn’t make sense for me then, does it?

It does absolutely since you can spend the money also on food or smoking shisha. I have been out with friends and acquaintances who don’t drink (lucky them) and got confirmation multiple times that the experience is absolutely worth it.

Can girls get a table too? You seem to be addressing men only…

Absolutely, ladies are welcome to get a table as well!

Get started NOW

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P.S.: And if you do get a table, you might want to look into having someone who can show you a great time