How to tip in Russia

Whether you come from a country that endorses and promotes tipping (USA) or one that doesn’t (most other countries), you’re probably wondering about how to tip in Russia.

How to get a taxi in Moscow

After covering how to get around the city by metro, I will show you how to get a taxi in Moscow. More often than not, taxis are a better option than the metro. And I probably don’t need to tell you that you’ll absolutely need to rely on taxis in Moscow nightlife.

What is the best time to visit Moscow?

I’m writing this post in late November, not exactly the the month that you would think of as the best time to travel to Moscow. Among travellers nothing spreads as much fear as Russian winters  and sitting between two overweight people on a long-haul flight.

But in this post I’ll tell you what the best time is to go to Moscow.

The dummy’s guide on how to use the Moscow metro

Part of being in Moscow is knowing how to use the Moscow metro, one of the biggest and most efficient in the world.

I strongly recommend coming to Moscow with a healthy bankroll to enjoy the city and not run out of cash halfway through a wild party night. In that case you should rely on taxis, which are a more convenient way of traveling, especially at night.

The Ultimate Moscow Strip Club Guide

I wasn't the biggest fan of Gentlemen's clubs before coming to Russia but Moscow strip clubs have converted me. I know there's a lot of you gentlemen out there who are looking to come to Moscow. You are eager to visit the city's Gentlemen's clubs and see some of the famous sexy Russian women.