The Uncomfortable Truth about Easy Russian Women

I know what you are looking for. You’ve googled to find out whether Russian girls are really sluts. You’ve probably read some bullshit reports by some douchebag who claims Russian women are super easy and super slutty. That made you all horny and now you want to know whether that is true. I will tell you the truth about how easy Russian women are. But you might not like the answer…

The 24 Most Stupefying Differences between Russian & Western Women

You know it, I know it and the whole damn world knows it. Russian women are fucking hot and blow Western women out of the water. That’s one reason to prefer Russian women. But here are a whole lot of other reasons why Russian women are better than Western women (and also a few why they might not be).

I will tell you the my personal observations about how Russian women are different from Western women. I’ve been living in Russia for over 3 years now so I picked up a thing or two. You then go ahead and decide for yourself what you think is better…

How Dating on Mamba Could Ruin Your Love Life FOREVER

You're ready to meet the Russian woman of your dreams.

You did your due diligence and dug up the most popular online dating sites in Russia to start contacting these long-legged beauty queens.

At first it's all going well. But then you fire up the Mamba dating app and it all starts going terribly wrong.


That's what I am going to tell you in this brutally honest review of Mamba...

The Step-by-Step Moscow Nightlife Guide 2019

You are probably looking for information about Moscow nightlife and can't find fresh and good info anywhere on the net. Lucky for you, your search is over because you found the best and only guide about Moscow nightlife you will ever need. Your mouth will be watering and you're probably going to check Skyscanner after reading my Step-by-Step Moscow Nightlife Guide 2019.

The Ultimate Bar Guide to Moscow 2019

You've been looking for good bar recommendations for Moscow you're saying? Good. Your search is officially over because this is the best and most recent guide that shows you all the best bars in Moscow, which you absolutely must not miss.

8 Vital Lessons for Western Men about Slavic Women


Now that I have your attention, let's talk about Slavic women.

I don't know about you but Slavic women are definitely my favorite type.

Or dou you wanna tell me that you are not dreaming of being with one (or many) of these sexy, long-legged, angel-haired, seductive goddesses yourself?

Since I am originally from Croatia, I'm a Slav myself. That's why so I’ve always had a special relationship with the women from that region.

I've also lived in a few Slavic countries. And time and time again I've noticed this one thing that I could not wrap my head around for a long time.

That absolutely killed my chances with the women for a long time.

It's super common in Slavic countries and I bet it is driving you crazy as well cause you just don't understand why...

7 Common Misperceptions about Sex Tourism in Russia

You slowly manage to open your eyes.

From the daylight flooding your luxurious but slightly overpriced hotel room, you can tell that it must be well past morning already.

A glance at the bedside alarm reveals that it’s actually half past two in the afternoon.

Fuck, what the hell happened last night??”

This thought floods your mind like an unexpected tsunami hits a poorly prepared seaside town.

Poorly prepared.

That describes you quite well. That’s how you got yourself into this sorry state in the first place.

You came to Russia for a quick fuck. Or maybe a few.

The Boots-On-The-Ground Guide to Teaching English in Russia

It was always one of your biggest dreams. Finally, you’ve had the balls to pull the trigger and go ahead with it.

You've always dreamed about traveling and experiencing another culture. But not just any culture. Russia is your dream destination.

You just have one small problem.

How are you going to make money there?

Well, you did read somewhere that you can make good money with teaching English in Russia. But is that really true?

The 20 Best Restaurants in Moscow in 2018

To find the best restaurant in Moscow, a city with more than 15 million inhabitants, is an impossible task. Maybe a delicious one but still hard to complete. You can find a wide variety of different cuisines in Moscow and a couple of really, really good restaurants that are worth visiting.