The 5 Best Cheap Bars in Moscow

This article is for the cheap folks that want to party in Moscow with almost no money in their pocket. Yes, you can very much do that. You just need to know what the best cheap bars in Moscow for partying are. 

How to drink Vodka in Russia

Knowing Moscow would not be complete without knowing how to drink vodka in Russia. But you can toss a lot of knowledge that you think you have about drinking vodka out of the window.

The Top 5 Moscow Nightclubs to Hook Up with Russian Girls

" I told her let's get out of here, my apartment is really close."

"And what about her friend?"

"We wanted to take her with us but I think she was hooking up with another guy already. She was pretty wasted man. What a shame, that would have been even more epic."

"Yea man but still, that girl is waayyy hotter than the girls in the clubs here."

"I know, right? And look what she sent me yesterday..."

What Not To Do in Moscow

Smart people know what to do in Moscow but the really smart people also know what not to do in Moscow.

With a few easy tips & tricks you can make your stay in Moscow a lot more comfortable. You just have to know them.

Here’s why you shouldn’t go to a club in Moscow on New Year’s Eve

Ok ok, I get it.

You can’t wait for New Year’s Eve to roll around so you can end the old year in style and start the new one with a bang (maybe literally).

I used to think like this for years as well. Who am I kidding, I did the same last year before losing my phone at this party and…well that’s a story for another day.

But think about the following for a moment. 

How to get to Moscow from the airport

The first immediate problem you’re going to face when arriving to Moscow is how to get to Moscow city center from the airport. This post will give you a quick overview of what to do and what not to do if you want the arrive in Moscow safely and quickly.

How to tip in Russia

Whether you come from a country that endorses and promotes tipping (USA) or one that doesn’t (most other countries), you’re probably wondering about how to tip in Russia.

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