The Almanac to Meeting Women on Instagram

I googled "How to meet women on Instagram" before writing this guide. What I found didn't surprise me: a lot of half-assed non-advice from dorks and pickup schmartists that pay women to record fake videos and sell their garbage advice. Listen up: this is the only guide on meeting women on Instagram you will ever need. Click away at your own danger. I'm about to drop 6,500 words of absolute wisdom so get pen and paper because you're about to learn a whole damn lot.

My 10 Most Irritating Cons of Living in Moscow

I often talk about how fantastic life in Moscow is because it's true. But it's not all peaches and cream. If you leave the women, the parties and the excitement of the big city aside, what is the real life like in Moscow? In this post, I will show you the negative sides of how it is to live in Moscow. These are my 10 Most Irritating Cons of Living in Moscow.

The Monster Guide to Moving to Russia

In 2014, I moved to Russia for the first time. I was a student back then that already had lived in two different foreign countries. Russia was a different animal though. That wasn't just another feel-good European country. It was big bad, scary, unknown Russia. Maybe not exactly scary but I did have a healthy amount of respect. When you move to a foreign country, especially one you have never been to before, even the most mundane things become interesting. If you're reading this, you're interested in moving abroad as well. I put together this 7,000+ word guide to answer as many questions as possible about living in Russia.

Why London is The Worst Metropolis for Men in Europe

You think London is cool? You wanna know whether it's a vibrant and awesome place to live in? You're moving to London and can't wait to get there? Let me tell you something. London fuckin sucks ass for men. Read this epic rant where I give you the unfiltered truth about Europe's worst city.

10 Secret Insights about Russian Women and Sex

Of all the guides I wrote for this site this is probably my favorite one. Sex and Russian women belong together like strawberries and cream. Both already delicious but together they're a killer combination. I'll break down all I've learned about Russian women in the sheets in all my years living in Russia. Get your hands out of your pants and pay some fucking attention cause you're about to learn a few lessons that will fix your broken sex life.

8 Key Personality Traits all Russian Women Have

You know what annoys me?

All the generic bullshit advice from women and “relationship strategists” that you guys have to read.

Seriously, I've gone through all of it. Could you tell if the article was written by a person or an AI? Probably not. It all sounds the same. No real-life experience. No advice from someone that has been in the position that you are in now. Only generic articles and middle-aged women pushing their own dating services.

In this article you'll learn the 8 key personality traits all Russian woman have. But not in the flowery, sugarcoated way but through actual real-life experience that I went through in my time in Russia. 

I'm not a dating coach but don't listen to me at your own peril. What you want to know, I had to learn the hard way...

The Do’s and Don’ts of Dating in Russia

If you’ve never dated a Russian woman before, it may seem a bit daunting. You probably think about all the possible ways how you can fuck up. The language barrier could kill the entire vibe and with it your chances. One joke she takes the wrong way and a small cultural misunderstanding has killed your date. Or you simply have never been on a date with such a stunning woman before. I personally find dates with Russian women far easier than dates with girls of other nationalities. In this article I'll show you how you can kill it as well.

The Beginner’s Guide to Meeting Russian Women

You know what I noticed when doing my research for this article? How all dating advice about Russian women out there FUCKING SUCKS. And I’m being nice here with my judgement. One article suggests you should travel to Russia or invite Russian girl to visit you. Thanks for this groundbreaking advice. Wow. Could not have put it more eloquently myself. You deserve better and that is why I put together this article, which could pass for an entire book full with ACTIONABLE ADVICE about how to meet Russian women.

The 7-Step Code to a Russian Woman’s Heart

I remember the first time I stepped foot in the Gipsy nightclub in Moscow way back in 2014.

I was stunned by how many hot girls there are. I mean absolutely blown away. That day I decided that Moscow was the right city for me to live in. I was going nowhere. I had to get my hands on these hotties. But that turned out to be much more difficult than it initially looked. Russian girls are friendly and curious at the beginning but they are tough to crack.

Fast forward three years later. I finally have figured out the code to what Russian woman are looking for in a man and I’m about to share it with you…

6 Real-Life Stories About Horny Russian Women

Today it’s story time gentlemen. Lots of men on the internet have the impression that Russian women are some sort of non-stop horny sex goddesses. Honestly, I can’t even blame you guys. Russian women are omnipresent when it comes to models, porn stars and any other job where you need beautiful women.

But is this cliché really true?

You’ll have to answer this for yourself.

I will tell you 5 of the crazier stories that happened to me while living in Russia.

Perhaps that will give you an idea of how Russian girls roll…

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