The best Moscow metro stations for nightlife

The best Moscow metro stations for nightlife

Now that you know how to take the Moscow metro, you might be asking yourself:

"Thanks for telling me this Ivan but isn't this site about nightlife in Moscow??"

And you would be absolutely right to ask this. That is why I put together a list of nightlife clusters according to Moscow metro stations.


This is what you’ll find out in this post:

  • Where the main nightlife clusters are
  • Which bars and clubs you can find at the different stations
  • Which ones are good to get to by metro and to which you better take a taxi

If you indeed want to take the Moscow metro to go out partying, you will know which stations to hit up. 

The Moscow metro nightlife map

I marked all stations on this map for easy navigation. The headings of the station are color-coded according to the Metro line that serves them.

Kropotkinskaya station

Kropotkinskaya is the closest to “the island”, which is home to Icon, Gipsy, Artel Bessonitsa, Strelka Bar, Chateau de Fantomas and Rolling Stones. You can check their reviews out here

You’ll also find a ton of smaller bars, restaurants and other venues there. On weekends this area is full with people but it’s for the most part a younger clientele.

It’s a 10 minute walk from the station, so unless you know the way, you are probably better off taking a cab. Be aware though that the cabs are going to drop you off at the unmissable traffic jam and you have to walk to the clubs.

Unless you’re out with Moscownightguide, this is also where you should call your cab to.

Kuznetsky Most station

Kuznetsky Most is close to a lot of bars like Mendeleev Bar and others that are part of the Moscownightguide Bar Tour. You can also find a few clubbier places like Cherdak, Rose Bar and Chips.

This one is good in terms of being able to hit up a bunch of spots that can be walked. It’s mostly a bar-ish area with lots of smaller places and not all that expensive.

Trubnaya station

The closeby Trubnaya station is right next to Valenok and Buddha Bar, as well as some bars like Mondriaan Bar. Supposedly a new big club is opening there very soon as well. Those venues are a bit posher with a more mature crowd. I almost always take the metro to those clubs because it’s close and convenient from the station.

Kurskaya station

At Kurskaya there’s a cluster of more underground-ish, hipster and creative places. You’ll find Gazgolder there, as well as Rodnya and similar venues. I’ve never taken the metro to those because most of those clubs start later, so you inevitably will have to cab it. It’s also a pain in the ass to get to the metro from the clubs, better avoid it.

Ulitsa 1905 goda station

At Ulitsa 1905 goda there’s yet another cluster with Jagger Bar and Duran Bar, as well as restaurants, the Loft strip club, Kvartira (a private afterparty club) and bars as well.

As you can see, this area has a bit of everything. It’s way too far from the actual metro stop and there’s no way around taking a cab to here.

Kitay gorod station & Chistye prudy station

The Pokrovka street that connects Kitay gorod and Chistye Prudy is a very popular area and a good point to start the Moscownghtguide Bar Tour. Propaganda is close to Kitay gorod but there’s an almost endless amount of wine bars, restaurants of all sorts, smaller party bars, pubs, hidden bars and even small clubs like Aglomerat and Dissident. 

Here you can find almost anything in terms of nightlife, except for big clubs. Depending on where you want to go, you can start off at Kitay gorod or on Chistye Prudy.

This is just a short overview to give you an idea on where you can actually start exploring Moscow if you go it alone. There’s plenty of other nightclubs, bars and other nightlife venues that I haven’t listed or that are at other metro stations.