I started this website with the aim of making it useful to as many people as possible.

Moscownightguide is useful to anyone who wants information about Moscow's nightlife. 

Everything that I know about the local scene, you will know as well.

Moscownightguide is the information resource that you wish someone created for every city.

Moscownightguide is also for people that come to Moscow (or are already here) and want to party the right way. To have the Real Moscow Nightlife Experience. You do not want to only read about partying in Moscow but you want to experience it.

Moscownightguide is for people that want to have a great nightlife experience in Moscow that is not the norm.

Moscownightguide is also an extension of me as a person. A lot of skills that I learned and acquired, I learned in and through nightlife. Because being out in nightlife can be far more useful beyond downing shots at the bar. ‚Äč

This is why in the future you will read about more than just Moscow nightclubs & bars but other interesting topics as well.


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I came to Moscow in 2014 to finish my degree. The city grew fast on me and after a short detour in 2016, I returned for good. Moscow is one of the most vibrant, dynamic and exciting cities in the world.

The nightlife is fast & loose, just as it should be. Unfortunately I had to work my way through all the Moscow nightclubs and bars myself, so this resource is the site that I wish someone had created for me!

With 4 languages spoken, 5 countries lived in, 20+ countries travelled to, my ride so far has been not too bad. Not to mention the ungodly amount of nights out and all that comes along with it. 

I know Moscow better than any other city in the world. Moscow forces you to grow and teaches you a lot. I will share that knowledge with you to make your life better.

Ivan from Moscownightguide