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8 Key Personality Traits all Russian Women Have

Russian Women


You know what annoys me? When I google typical features of Russian women and read nothing but generic bullshit advice.


Seriously, I've gone through all of it. Could you tell if the article was written by a person or an AI? Probably not. It all sounds the same. No real-life experience. No advice from someone that has been in the position that you are in now. Only generic articles and middle-aged women pushing their own dating services.

In this article you'll learn the 8 key personality traits all Russian woman have. But not in the flowery, sugarcoated way but through actual real-life experience that I went through in my time in Russia. 

I had to learn the features of Russian women the hard way so you better pay attention...

Russian women are hella emotional

Have you ever met a sane and rational woman?

Of course not.

There’s no such thing. Women are always emotional but some more so than others.

Let's do a little experiment.

Think of the craziest, most emotional woman you know. Now imagine her being 5 times as emotional.

That’s your average Russian woman.

Russian women are emotional as fuck. That’s good and bad at the same time.

It's a good thing because when they love you, they will actually be in love with you. Russian women can be fiercely loyal. I’m talking dog-and-master type of loyal. You will be her everything and she’ll do anything for you. Most Western men that want a Russian woman are looking for this kind of devotion. They want a woman who will not jump on the first dick that passes by when things aren’t going smoothly. A woman who is happy to submit and obey. Russian women that love you will do that.

But there’s also a bad side. They can act crazy. Unpredictable. Have serious mood swings. Not to mention raging jealousy issues. Show up at your door when you told her not to. Always expect the entire damn range of crazy behavior with a Russian woman.

The worst thing is that Russian women are junkies for this type of relationship. They don’t want a normal, stable and loving relationship. They are addicted to the drama. It’s some really twisted part of Russian culture which you don’t need to bother to understand cause not even they do.

Here's a story from an acquaintance to give you an idea of what I'm talking about:

This guy had a fling with a stunner that used to date high-profile guys and athletes. Even though he knew she was crazy he just could not keep his hands off her (take a really hard guess why).

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve. His plan was to celebrate in style. Lo and behold, who shows up at 8 in the evening at his doorstep? This girl, whom he had told to not visit him that evening. Hilarity then really ensued when she found traces of other girls in the apartment.

But here comes the best part.

She then went on to tell him she was pregnant.

But that’s not all.

He later found out that he possibly is the father. Turns out that his girl had lost it when they had a fight and let an “old friend” bust a load inside her.

He'll find out in a few months after the DNA test...

The morale of this story: you never know when a normal girl might be totally batshit crazy.

emotional russian woman

Russian women are (very) traditional

A lot of you guys reading this are probably looking for a Russian wife.

I got good news for you.

Yes you can find a traditional 1950s style wife in Russia. Especially if you go looking outside of the big cities. Most of the women are actually looking for a traditional 1950s style marriage themselves. Even in Moscow a lot of young people stay in a long-term relationship.

What does traditional in this context mean?

Think about the following. How often have you with your last dates or relationships…

  • …sent her flowers?
  • …taken her on non-sexual dates?
  • …been prepared to commit to her and not get anything on the side?
  • …dated for weeks and even months before sleeping with her for the first time?
  • …gotten to know her parents a few weeks into the relationship?
  • …had a girl cook, clean and take care of you and your apartment?
  • …had to make common travel plans?

Just a few examples that I came up with of the top off my head.

My point is that a lot of men think they want a traditional wife but don’t actually realize what that entails. It's not the 50s anymore. You'll get bored much fast than you initially think. If you don't believe me, go spend a few weeks in a provincial Russian city. Then we’ll talk about whether you’re still so sure about that.

In Russia getting married early is still very common even in the big cities. With that come traditional gender roles. You are the bread winner and she’ll stay home with the kids. The heavy lifting financially is going to be on you because a Russian woman never pays for herself.

If that sounds good then by all means go for it. For example, I’ve dated numerous girls who would go on to marry someone else a few months down the road. They knew they weren’t going to get that commitment from me so they found another guy. And I’m talking about girls aged 20 to 25 not women in their 30s.

The bottom line is that if you’re coming to Russia, be prepared to meet a lot of women who are looking to get married. It will take some time but you can make it happen if marriage is what you are looking for.

traditional russian woman

Russian women want a dominant man

Initially, I wanted to write “Russian women are submissive”. But thinking about it, Russian women aren’t submissive at all. Quite the opposite actually.

Russian women are the real “strong and independent” women of this world. Western women talk about it but Russian women actually live this life. The average Russian woman has a lot on her plate:

  • A shitty job.
  • A family to take care of or children from an ex-husband.
  • Friends
  • Social media (obviously)

With a Russian woman, the next emotional breakdown is always only one social media post away.

That’s why she needs a strong and dominant man who can reassure her that everything will be fine.

Do you want to know why Putin is so popular and even a sex symbol in Russia?

Because he’s the ultimate archetype of being a dominant man.

Russian women need someone who can control and tame them. How many times have I heard this:

*thick Russian accent*

“I am emotional girl. I need strong man who can care for me.”

Notice that I say dominant. Not controlling. They are not the same thing. 

Russian women hate when you’re a control freak. A lot of Russian men are controlling. Even worse are guys from the Caucasus regions. You have a big advantage by being a foreigner. Foreigners are usually “nicer” and the women like that. However dominant you think you are, for her that will still be miles away from how a Russian man treats her.

SO MANY TIMES I’ve heard from Russian women how her boyfriend or husband didn’t let them go to the club or on a holiday with her friends or something else along these lines. Hit the sweet spot between being a firm and dominant leader but a gentleman at the same time. Then the women will be all over you.

russian woman characteristics

Submissiveness is another characteristic of Russian women...

Russian women are really classy

If I had to pick the main feature that's typical of a Russian woman it would be classy.

That boils down to three points essentially:

  • How they dress
  • How they carry themselves, especially when dressed sexy
  • How they get a man’s attention

The first point I addressed numerous times on my website. You all know that Russian women dress to kill and if you need proof of that go and read some of my other articles.

It’s more in the way how they behave than what they wear.

Take English women as an example. Unfortunately, they also love wearing high heels and short dresses on a night out. I’m saying unfortunately because, besides being way too fat for it, English women look like cows on ice in their high heels. Shit really hits the fan when an Englishwoman gets drunk and can’t walk in her heels anymore.

I’ve never ever seen a Russian woman that doesn’t know how to walk in heels. It’s like they were born to walk in them. Same thing with table manners or the way the women talk. They’re more than just feminine in their mannerisms but specifically CLASSY.

These are examples that are hard to put into words if you haven’t actually seen them. For example, you’ll also never see a Russian woman speak with a full mouth. Or talk in a loud and obnoxious way (on a date). Or bring up inappropriate topics like politics. Basic things really but only when you leave Russia you start noticing the difference.

russian woman at home

Russian women have "it"

Russian women are cunning

The problem with Russian women is the following.

When you’re in a relationship with her it feels like a never-ending game. You always feel like you’re playing at and mouse. You always have to be on your toes.

Let’s not even take relationships as an example. Take her being “single”. A Russian woman will always hold out till she secured herself the best possible deal in a relationship. When she goes looking for a boyfriend, you can be damn well sure that she’s seeing a guy every single night.

And she isn’t even sleeping with them. She’s literally playing these guys for maximum attention and dedication.

Fancy restaurant dinner here. A ballet evening there. 100 red roses delivered right to her doorstep. MAXIMUM extraction of resources.

Only when she’s sure that a guy has invested enough of his time and resources, she’ll settle for him.

The game doesn’t end though. As I said, it just begins there.

That’s also the reason why many marriages eventually break apart. Russian women are very demanding. Unless you know how to put her into her place, she will constantly nag and harass you. And if there’s no divorce because the husband is too good of a catch financially, Russian women have zero hesitation to cheat relentlessly. The men do it as well so it’s an integral part of the relationship culture.

Western men are often not used to this and get blinded by their beauty and their feminine behavior. But a lot of them end up getting played like pieces on a chess board. Once she loses respect, you’re a lost cause.

russian woman characteristics

Russian women are unambitious

A problem I have with Russian women personally is how most of them are really friggin' lazy.

Yeah, you’ve heard that right.

Russian women enjoy nothing more than pissing around all day on social media and spending their men’s money.

That’s somewhat of an overgeneralization but there’s some truth to it.

Personally, neither do I want nor do I need a woman who’s really career-focused. At the end of the day those women that have a really successful career are often unfeminine, competitive and know-it-alls.

But you cannot have a woman sitting around the house all day doing nothing. She needs A TASK. That’s where children usually come in and actually a lot of Russian women think exactly the same. They like the thought of being a mother to actually have something to do. Work doesn’t appeal to them.

Nowadays, however, plenty of girls aren’t interested anymore in having children too early. They’re aware of how much of an impact being a mother has on their personal freedom. So being a mother is interesting but not an urgent priority. They’re absolutely fine with being lazy bums and serving their time doing nothing and waiting for the next weekend to roll around.

The World Cup 2018 was the best example. The whole country drowned in a 4 week nonstop party marathon. Normal life was put on hold during that time. No one was working. Nightlife was happening EVERY NIGHT. Street parties were happening EVERY NIGHT (usually non-existent in Moscow). Everyone went on a four-week bender. The newspapers were full with stories about how local women were a little bit “too interested” in the foreign fans. I’ve had numerous women tell me how this was the best time ever in Moscow and how there should be a World Cup every year.

Ever since, I know that if you don’t give a Russian woman a task to do, she’ll come up with bad ideas of how to spend her time.

girl smartphone

Smartphone addiction is widespread in Russia too

Russian women are romantic

At her core, every Russian woman is deeply romantic. You only have to look at the innumerable amount of Russian literature where every single novel deals with some sort of heartbreak story. (I haven’t read any of them but that’s what they told me.)

Jokes aside, if a Russian woman had to describe her ideal man he’d probably have these qualities:

  • Strong, tall and handsome
  • Has a stable life and job, earns good money
  • Is a REAL man
  • Can tolerate how emotional I am
  • Likes animals
  • Likes children
  • Can cook but never actually cooks
  • Is smart although I never actually have intelligent conversations with him
  • Is brutally dominant in bed
  • Tells me what to do
  • Sends me flowers every other day
  • Has impeccable manners

Ideally, she wants a handsome, brutal, well-behaved gentleman that saves her from her boring life and takes her traveling around the world. After that they marry at a sandy beach, have 3-7 children together and live happily ever after.

That’s roughly the dream of EVERY Russian woman. Russians in general have a savior complex but the women even more so. She would like nothing more than a man to enter her life, win over her heart and then tell her what to do while raising his children. Of course, he would surprise her with romantic gestures. She could also be sure of his eternal love unlike with her previous three husbands/boyfriends. No matter how unrealistic and far-fetched that seems, Romanticism is one of the key characteristics of every Russian woman.

russian women personality

Guaranteed to end up in her Instagram feed

Russian women are pragmatic

The funny thing is that despite being so romantic, Russian women are also very pragmatic.

That sounds like a contradiction but that’s Russian women for you.

They know that reality doesn’t work like fantasy. Too often one or several of the following are true:

  • Her husband or boyfriend has a problem with alcohol, domestic violence or monogamy
  • Because of that she also has a problem with monogamy
  • She has to raise one or several children practically on her own
  • Her own father is absent (this is VERY COMMON)
  • Her job is shit
  • She’s unhappy with her girlfriends because of [random reason]

All her character traits that I’ve told you about make sense when you take the reality of Russian relationships into account.

She’s classy because there are a lot of other women, which means high competition.

She’s cunning because she is “shopping around” to not make the same mistake again.

She wants a dominant but uncontrolling man because her last man was a controlling asshole.

Russian women are very good at adapting to situations. This makes them both dangerous and irrestistible at the same time.

I came to Russia in 2014 to study. I thought I would leave after one year to pursue a boring office job. But this country offers the adventures and opportunities that you don’t find anymore in the West. I decided to stay in the Wild East.

If you’re sociable, communicative and speak their language, Russians love you. I was decent at the former two and I learned the latter. These days my Russian is fluent and I keep improving my communication skills every day.

I strongly believe that confidence and persistence are the keys to success when dealing with Russia and its people. My mission is to help you to establish a connection with this amazing country, be it through dating, life or language.

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