The 8 hottest but closed Moscow nightclubs

The 8 hottest but closed Moscow nightclubs

The Moscow nightlife scene changes incredibly fast. Before you know it a club that is popping off one month is closed. That's why you often find outdated articles that tell you about hot clubs...only to find out they exist no more! Don't let them confuse you and check out this list of the 8 hottest closed Moscow clubs.

Soho, Krysha, Barbados, Impreia Lounge, Pacha, Solyanka, Space, Konstruktor 


Soho Rooms

If there ever used to be a stereotypical Moscow nightclub it was Soho Rooms. This is where the wealthy and influential went to meet their match for the night (or longer). Soho Rooms was characterized by a notoriously difficult door, lots of rich and posh folk and an overall "transactional" vibe (if ya know what I mean). Having been there, I can tell you that you didn't miss a lot. At least nothing that you cannot still see in other clubs.

Comparable to: Siberia

Krysha Mira

Krysha Mira used to be the most popular after party club in Moscow. It was famous and infamous at the same time. Famous for its stunning view of the Moscow city business district and its parties until the early morning hours. Infamous for its tough face control and the supposed rampant drug use at the club (rumour has it that's why it was closed). Its deep house and Ibiza style parties live on in Artel Bessonitsa & Shakt Terrace but in terms of after party clubs few come close to Krysha Mira's popularity. 

Barbados Bar Moscow

The Barbados Bar Moscow was a popular club for the mainstream crowd. Its fairly unpretentious and fun vibe, coupled with a chic interior, made the Barbados Bar a favourite of many people who were not your usual regular club guests. Since its closure Moscow has one less fun club with good commercial music to dance to. 

Comparable to: Jagger

Imperia Lounge

The Imperia Lounge was another hangout of the high-end "see and be seen" crowd. With its flashy and glitzy interior it had everything that is so popular with this crowd and that you can probably only find in a Moscow club. As so often happens, this crowd eventually lost interest as quick as it developed it and the Imperia Lounge was closed again. But don't worry, the next posh nightclub is always around the corner in Moscow.

Comparable to: Oblaka

Pacha Moscow

The last high-end club on this list. By now you already noticed how quickly these types of clubs open and close in Moscow. Pacha Moscow was a part of the global franchise and located in the dead center of the city, just off Red Square. Having never been myself, I can't tell you how far off the original Pacha Moscow used to be. But its concept was very similar to all other high-end venues: draw in the money crowd with the glitz and glam that is so popular among Moscow's elite. 

Comparable to: Oblaka

Space Moscow

Space Moscow was part of another Ibiza club franchise. It used to be the city's biggest nightclub and a megaclub in its truest sense. International top acts like Tiesto and others came to play at Space Moscow. Nowadays a club of this size does not exist anymore and Moscow's nightlife scene is definitely poorer for it.

Comparable to: nothing in Moscow


A famous electro club that used to be very popular with Moscow's young, trendy hipster crowd. Its door policy was much more relaxed than at a lot of the mentioned posh clubs and Solyanka was especially popular for being located in an old mansion. Different clubs tried to recreate and copy the concept but none ever came close to the orginal's success and popularity. 

Comparable to: Powerhouse, Rodnya


The last club on the list was also the most recently opened and closed. Konstruktor shot to popularity in 2016 by targeting the aforementioned Solyanka's music and style concept. For one reason or another, it did not last that long and was closed in early 2017. The new club that is located at this venue now guessed it: a posh after party club. Welcome to Moscow!

Comparable to: Powerhouse, Rodnya

Which closed Moscow nightclub do you miss the most?

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