7 reasons to party in Moscow on weekdays

7 reasons to party in Moscow on weekdays

The Halloween parties in Moscow are by and large done and I hope you had a blast (I sure as hell did!).

Now after a wild weekend you might be thinking "party on a weekday is the last thing that I have in mind you maniac". But hear me out first before you call me crazy. 


I've been partying in Moscow during the week a fair bit and it has its own charm. Maybe the week after the Halloween weekend isn't just the time you want to do it. But after reading the article you might reconsider your nightlife plans because here's 7 good reasons why you should party during the week in Moscow.

Party reason #1: You have no analysis paralysis

If you have too many options to choose from, you end up being confused.

And in Moscow you have a lot of nightclubs, bars and more to choose from on the weekend. But Moscow nightlife is happening mostly on these two days and on weekdays you'll have a much easier time to pick where to go.  Just like in those restaurants where you only get three meals to choose from.

Party reason #2: There's a different crowd on weekdays

Even in a city as big as Moscow, you will tend to see familiar faces in the nightclubs on the weekends. Especially if you hit up a club or a bar a few weeks in a row, Moscow nightlife will start to feel surprisingly small (and that's not always for the better, ha!).

But if you party in Moscow during the week, you'll meet totally different people and new types of characters that you might not meet otherwise. Many more students, tourists but also all sorts of funny people that have all sorts of crazy background stories. The city is full of those but you won't find them in the high-end clubs on a Saturday night. As they say, the best stuff happens when you least expect it.

I bet you won't see those on your usual night out

Party reason #3: It's cheaper

I love a nice nightclub or stylish bar as much as anyone but sometimes it's just good to save money. And on weekdays you get drinks deals at a lot of different bars and clubs because they try to fill their venues. Girls can even drink for free when you know where to go. Check out the club reviews for more info.

Party reason #4: It's more quiet

Believe it or not but quiet nightlife can sometimes be even better. A favorite pastime of mine, and a way of finding cool bars and other nightlife venues in Moscow that most people don't know about, is hitting them on weekdays, especially early in the evening. The staff is more relaxed and friendly and it's easier to get to know them. You are also more likely to have the place almost to yourself, which can sometimes be a plus, if ya know what I mean...

Party reason #5: You feel a sense of adventure

There's nothing like going out on a Tuesday or Sunday night and feeling completely irresponsible. Now for most people adventure means starting a different netflix show or checking their partner's social media but you can easily create adventure yourself.

You feel like you shouldn't be doing this and that's why it's going to be so much fun. Of course this is much easier to do if you're a student/freelancer/entrepreneur but I recommend it even to normal people every once in a while.

Party reason #6: Meeting people is more fun

When you hit the nightlife on the weekend everyone knows the deal. Going out is just what everyone kind of does because it's the weekend. No surprises, less excitement.

But on weekdays  people party for all different sorts of reasons. That can make meeting someone much more fun and exciting. If someone's out on partying in Moscow on a weekday, chances are they want to meet someone and talk to new people. Not only great for dating but also a good way for socially awkward people to battle their fears.

You'll be making new friends much quicker

Party reason #7: You can relax on the weekend

If you party during the week, you'll definitely feel a bit wrecked the next day, no matter how much you had to drink. But the sense of excitement you felt will be much greater than doing the same old routine of clubbing on the weekend.

By the time the weekend comes around, you will not feel the need to hit the clubs and bars as much as you might have otherwise. I prefer to say that I tamed my inner demons already and can actually make use of the weekend for relaxation and getting stuff done.

If you want to know where to party in Moscow on weekdays then click here. This guide will help you to find the best nightlife options on any given day.