6 ways Moscow nightlife will blow you away

6 ways how Moscow nightlife will blow you away

What do you associate Moscow with?

Maybe something like Putin, ice cold Russian winters and attractive Russian ladies.

You might have also heard about Moscow’s nightlife. How really rich oligarchs spend a ton of money. Or you might have seen some funny videos on YouTube how crazy drunk Russians can get.

But how is it really like to party in Europe’s biggest city, home to 15 million people?


After three years in Moscow, I can tell you:

It’s unlike anything else

I will show you six ways how nightlife in Moscow will blow you away. This is insight from someone who has been there and done that. Cold hard facts, based on years of experience of going out in Moscow.

1. Moscow women - Moscow girls are really the hottest

No surprise this comes first huh?

Everyone rants on and on about how Russian women are the most beautiful. How Russian women wear high heels to take out the trash. How Russian women…you get the point.

Let me tell you one thing.

That is pretty damn true.

The women you see in Moscow nightlife are among the most attractive you will find in any city.

Well, unless you dislike women in dangerously high heels (think 10cm and more), super short skirts or body-hugging dresses. Moscow women will always look stunning for going out, no matter the time of the year and how cold it is. If you are visiting, you will pretty fast be checking when your next holidays are, trust me on that.

But here’s the best part:

Not only do they look amazing, but if you are coming from Western Europe or the US, they will also be much more pleasant to talk to than the girls you know. Women in Moscow are on the whole highly receptive and open to meeting new people when going out. Getting to know someone is laughably easy. So easy that getting girls’ numbers does not mean all that much. Be prepared for not getting answers from all, even if you collected a phone registry’s worth of numbers. But that is Moscow.

And if you do get rejected, it will usually be with a friendly excuse. Maybe you will get ignored sometimes, but that is more the exception than the rule.

One final disclaimer: you will have to speak Russian, if you want to have more success with the fine ladies of Moscow. Speaking only English will get you attention, but will only get you so far. Russian women are quite shy about their English (until the Wodka kicks in), so you should brush up on some language skills.

Yes, the women really look and dress like that

2. Moscow prices - why you can party in Moscow with almost any wallet

Yes, Moscow is the home of laughably rich oligarchs, children of laughably rich oligarchs and some overpaid expats. Partying here can be quite pricey. A standard price for a cocktail (think: Long Island Ice Tea) is 600 Rubles (about 10 Euros). Now depending on where you live and how much you earn, you will find this expensive or cheap.

I will fill you in on a little secret though:

You can get it much cheaper or much more expensive, as you want.

Wanna spend 20 Euros per drink to party with Russian models at a fancy Moscow nightclub?

Wanna drop a stack or more on a table in one of the city’s biggest clubs?

Or are you more into drinking beers for two bucks and making new friends, who will take you to the suburbs at 6am in the morning to play video games and drink even more?

Whatever your preference is, Moscow has got it all for you. The more money you have, the easier it will be to have fun. But the city is home to a lot of bars and pubs where you can have an absolute blast for pocket money. Plus, you often will get invited by locals for drinks too.

Two more advantages of a night out in Moscow

1. Cabs are ridicoulosly cheap. If you are paying more than 10 Euros, you are either getting ripped off or traveling more than 50 kilometers. It is that cheap.

2. Nightclubs are free to enter. Some might have a deposit, which means you’ll have to buy a card that ensures you spend at least about 1000 – 1500 Rubles on drinks. But let’s be honest, you were going to spend that much money anyway. A few electro clubs (mostly afterhours places) do charge admission, so these will be not free to enter. By and large though, you can bounce around clubs and pay absolutely nothing.

3. Variety - why Moscow has something for everyone's taste

You like partying with models and bottles?

Or you prefer to get smashed with students and dance on the bar all night long?

Are you more of a karaoke fan?

Maybe you dig Latin music and like to dance salsa?

Or is down and dirty more your thing and you prefer underground clubs like in Berlin?

If none of the above is for you, there’s still the option to enjoy a chill night at a cool rooftop bar or a nice restaurant. Those with a smaller budget can hit one of the many pubs, where you can have cheap beers all night long.

I could go on and on with this list. Moscow has something for everyone’s taste. It is the capital of fancy and lavish style of partying, but even if that’s not for you, there are tons of places that will fit your taste the best.

4. Moscow parties - there is no last call

Actually I’m exaggerating just a little bit here.

Most clubs will eventually close at 6am or 7am. However, 6am or 7am is still pretty damn late. It’s probably much, much later than what you are used to. And what if you want to keep the party going after that? No problem, just head to one of the after party clubs where you can keep partying until you’re blue in the face. The nightlife in Moscow starts much later than in a lot of countries. If you just plan to visit a club, don’t even bother showing up before 1am. There are tons of options before that as well though, so a 12 hour party marathon is absolutely no problem on the weekend. When it comes down to how long you can keep it going, only a handful of cities can keep it up with Moscow.

You might look like that if you decide to stay until 10 in the morning

5. Intensity - Moscow nightlife is always going strong, no matter what

Economic crisis?

War in Ukraine?


Who cares! I never noticed any of these things when going out and neither does anyone else. However bleak things might be looking outside of the clubs and bars and no matter how much shit people have going on during the week:

On Fridays and Saturdays the clubs will be packed and Moscow will be letting loose like there is no tomorrow. You can take that to the bank.

Even the time of the year or the weather doesn’t really matter. Good luck convincing someone in another city to go out when it’s -20 degrees. Not so in Moscow, it truly never sleeps.

6. Vibe - Moscow's vibe is so similar, yet so different from what you know

You know that feeling?

You try your favourite cocktail at a different bar and it tastes similar but not quite the same. You can’t put your finger on what they do differently. But it’s definitely something else than what you are used to and somehow you really like it.

That’s the vibe that Moscow nightlife has.

It’s really similar to other big cities in Europe or the US, yet is is aso really different and unique.


People speak much less English than in a lot of European cities. Everything is a bit rougher and ruder. Don’t think that bar staff will treat you nicely in Moscow, because there is no service culture. Expect a lot of Causasian cab drivers eagerly approaching you for business when you stumble out of the club in the morning.

It is aso more unpredictable. Sometimes you might not get in the club where you smoothly got in last week. Although Moscow is generally safer than a lot of Western cities, a random fight might break out of nowhere.

At the same time, everything and everyone is also looser, wilder and bigger. The parties are longer, the cars in the parking lot more expensive, the high heels higher and the drinks stronger than anywhere else. It is quite literally its own untamable beast.

If you have been to Moscow or are from Moscow, leave a comment and tell me how you think Moscow nightlife is unique!