The 5 most popular nightclubs in Moscow for partying

The 5 most popular nightclubs in Moscow for partying

The most popular nightclubs in Moscow are the ones everyone goes to sooner or later. Don't miss them because some of the best parties in the city happen in these clubs. 


In my breakdown of Moscow nightclub types I called them party clubs, which is a pretty accurate description. The crowds are often a bit younger than in high-end places but the atmosphere is more relaxed and the parties are wilder. That's why a lot of tourists and foreigners like to visit these clubs, they are less snobbish and uptight than your stereotypical high-end Moscow club. Most of these venues are also closer to a "real" nightclub or bar instead of being a restaurant with an integrated nightclub.

Icon Club

The Icon club is definitely right up there when it comes to the most popular Moscow nightclubs. Even though it is one of the biggest, it's pretty much always packed with people. You'll never go wrong if you decide to go to Icon for partying. The way they designed the club is excellent for a wild night out: a big stage, generous dancefloors and tables on several floors. It also boasts lavish, well-choreographed shows with go-go dancers and light shows. From time to time popular Russian pop stars perform in Icon and on these days it's even more packed than usual.

The crowd is on the elegant side and looking to party, which makes Icon a mandatory visit in Moscow. 

Gipsy Club

The Gipsy club is maybe the most popular Moscow nightclub. The interior is without a doubt one of its kind in Moscow: palm trees, a very spacious dancefloor and even miniature swimming pools (that you don't actually swim in). You'll struggle to find a weekend when Gipsy does not pack a solid party crowd. But what makes this venue really unique is the retractable roof that allows for open air parties in summer. The Gipsy club is not exactly a well-kept secret, which means that almost all foreigners and tourists know and visit it.

Even though it has lost some of its shine in the last few years and the crowds have become tamer and significantly younger, Gipsy is well worth a visit if you're not in your 30s yet.

Jagger Bar

If you would like to party outside all year long then you should visit the Jagger Bar. They put their summer terrace into a tent in winter, which creates a special kind of atmosphere that blends the best of a nightclub and a bar into one. In the Jagger Bar the party never stops. Don't come here for a quiet evening or one drink. It's not going to happen. But come here if you want a wild party night because Jagger has one of the most easy-going and fun vibes in Moscow. 

Rock n Roll Bar Moscow

The Rock n Roll Bar is unusual not only because of its focus on Rock music. It's also one of the most relaxed and unpretentious places in Moscow if you just want an exciting night out. There's not a lot of clubs where you'll regularly see the (female) guests dancing on the windowsills. The Rock n Roll Bar has only one big downside: it's rather small but very popular. Which has the upside that your cigarette breaks turn into its very own party in front of the club. A very fun and affordable place where you can dance and more until the morning hours. And not only on the weekend - the Rock n Roll Bar is open 7 days a week. 

Rolling Stones Moscow

Rolling Stones is the most popular Moscow nightclub for the younger crowd. If you're between 18 and 23 you absolutely have to visit it. These young people really know how to party and never seem to get tired, so make sure you bring a lot of stamina. And don't worry if you can't hear a thing when you exit the club because of the loud music. That will pass pretty quickly. Rolling Stones Moscow is the ultimate nightclub if you want to party with Moscow's students. 

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