The 5 best nightclubs in Moscow for posh parties

The 5 best nightclubs in Moscow for posh parties

The local club scene doesn't make it easy to figure out what the best nightclub in Moscow is. Lucky for you, I have a quick & easy solution to figuring this problem out. 


The posh nightclubs are the types that you probably associate Moscow with: luxury cars parking outside the club, older gentlemen flush with cash partying with young model-looking women and oligarchs sitting at their tables shielded by security. 

The reality isn't that far away from that. If you really want to party in these clubs, bring your fanciest clothes and a generous bankroll (the latter only for men). You can have a lot of fun if you know where to go, so these are my picks for the best nightclubs in Moscow in this category.

Oblaka Moscow

It's very hard to pick the best Moscow nightclub because they are all fairly similar. But despite, or maybe because of, the fact that Thursday is the best day in Oblaka, it is my first pick if you want to see a "real Moscow type of club". The quintessential difference to some of the other clubs is that you'll hear mostly Russian pop and experience how the crowd is loving it. That, coupled with the fact that the rich and beautiful don't even bother to wait until the weekend comes around make Oblaka unique.

The rest you'll see at the other clubs too: expensive cars in front of it and a restaurant layout inside. A lot of people will be busier streaming the party for their Instagram than actually lighting it up but that's what makes it a real Moscow nightclub.

Duran Bar Moscow

Duran Bar may be second on the list but it's in no way worse. In fact it is your best option to party with well-off Muscovites on the weekend. The best feature of Duran Bar is its spacious three-part layout that combines having a bar area, a dancefloor and a terrace all in one venue. Most Moscow nightclubs of this kind have a similar type of layout but Duran Bar pulls it off just a bit better. That, combined with the fact that you have a mix of Russian-style parties and regular house music, makes Duran Bar an excellent choice for a night out "Moscow style". 

Artel Bessonitsa (Shakti Terrace)

Artel Bessonitsa and Shakti Terrace are two venues that work as one. The club part indoors is Artel Bessonitsa, the outdoor terrace Shakti Terrace. In summer this is the best nightclub to have an Ibiza-flavored party. Artel Bessonitsa & Shakti Terrace regularly book international DJ's in the summer months and make this club the best for house music aficionados. Nowhere else in Moscow will you find such a good combination of a high-end club with bottle service and stylish people, together with well-mixed house music and a club vibe. It doesn't quite hold up to its own standards in winter but Artel Bessonitsa & Shakti Terrace should still be on your shortlist.


All nightclubs on this list are also restaurants but in Valenok it's even more pronounced than at the other clubs. That doesn't stop Valenok from being an excellent spot for an elegant night out. Its strongest feature, in addition to the decent cuisine, is how accessible and affordable it is. Valenok is slightly cheaper than all other clubs and you shouldn't have a problem entering it. That is, if you're dressed well as you should be for a high-end Moscow club. The crowd gets carefully warmed up to house music tunes, and in summer you can always step outside on the generous terrace and smoking area in front of Vaenok. A very good choice if you're not a 100% sure whether the Moscow style really is your thing.

Siberia Moscow

Siberia might be the final club on the list but if you really want it posh, it should be your first stop. It's the high-end among the high-end clubs, the Bentley with Swarovski diamonds on its rims so to speak. Siberia brings in all big stars of the Russian pop industry to perform on the weekend. If you want to get a feel for the music and party taste of the Moscow elite, you must not miss Siberia. Make sure to be extra well-dressed and come with deep pockets. It is not only the fanciest Moscow club but also the most expensive with an extra tough door.

What's your pick for the best nightclub in Moscow ?

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