The 5 best cheap bars in Moscow

The 5 Best Cheap Bars in Moscow

This article is for the cheap folks that want to party in Moscow with almost no money in their pocket. Yes, you can very much do that. You just need to know what the best cheap bars in Moscow for partying are. 


Since you’re smart and you read Moscownightguide, you of course know that you have (a lot more fun) in Moscow with more money. But fear not, these are the 5 best cheap bars in Moscow.

Pod Mukhoi

Pod Mukhoi (in English: under a fly) is a really tiny bar that is tucked away very close to the entrance of Chekhovskaya Metro station. The first room is really tiny with a bar and space to sit for maybe 10 to 15 people. It feels super cozy since you go down in a basement. The bras hanging from the ceiling and the many bottles at the bar are a nice feature. 

There's one more room with tables to sit at but the whole bar is maybe for 60 people at most. It's more of a speakeasy but you can also get street food there. A cocktail is maybe 300 Rubles, so your budget will go a long way in Pod Mukhoi. The best cheap bar in Moscow for a chill evening.

Ryumochnaya Buchuchet

Ryumochnaya Buchuchet (no worries if you don't know how to pronounce that) translates to "vodkaroom of accounting". If this sounds like a good plan and a place like fun, you're right, it is!

I went there because a couple of clients requested it and it did not disappoint. You may or may not be familiar with the concept of a "stolovaya". These are basically old, Soviet style canteens. Well, a Ryumochnaya is the same, only with booze. A "ryumka" is literally a shot glass.

There's a couple of them in Moscow but the one on the map I can fully recommend. It's a very cozy, small bar with a lot of Soviet memorabilia on the walls and old Soviet movies running on mute on the TV's. It was fairly quiet the evening I visited but I've been told it's usually very busy and people go there to party and get smashed.

You can vodka as cheap as 60 Rubles for a shot and they serve Russian food as well (bear dumplings for example). Not only will you not spend a lot there but you're guaranteed to make a bunch of new drinking friends. This is not a place that foreigners usually go to a lot, so speaking English will make you very interesting for everyone. The best cheap bar in Moscow for a Soviet party.

Kamchatka Bar

There are actually two Kamchatka Bars in Moscow but the one on Kuznetsky Most is much more fun. It's a "democratic" bar where you can get beer for as little as 120 Rubles. They serve burgers and other fast food as well.

During the week it is fairly quiet but you can always give it a try because it might actually attract more people than expected. On the weekends it's a proper party place with a mix of Russian hits and international music. Predominantly students visit Kamchatka but anyone is welcome. People get very drunk and it's very high-energy as well.

In summer there's also a big crowd of people drinking and smoking in front of the bar. The best cheap bar in Moscow if you don't have a lot of money and want to meet some "real Russians".

1929 Bar

1929 Bar used to be a staple of my student days in Moscow and we often hit it up to start the night. Not because I liked it so much but it was a cheap and high-energy option to start your night (and not only start...).

1929 Bar is full with students and is a smaller and more basic version of Rolling Stone Bar. On weekends it's pretty packed from midnight on and everyone gets crazy smashed until the early morning hours. I think Long Islands are about 300 Rubles, so you can imagine what kind of face you'll have when you walk out of there.

Just remember to bring your ID because, like a lot of low-end bars in Moscow, they will not let you in without ID, even if you're clearly older 25. The best cheap bar in Moscow for student parties.


Todase (read: to-da-syo) is actually a convenience food/bar/nightclub (on weekends) franchise that you can find all over Moscow. During the day and on weekdays most of them will be quiet. You can go there to get some decent and unspectacular food a la burgers/sushi and so on.

On the weekends a lot of them pull students and other folk that doesn't have the coin to party in the nicer and more exclusive clubs. You can't really go wrong with either of them, they are all about equally popular. I visited one on Tverskaya a few times and it was pretty packed.

They have a 1000 Rubles minimum spend at the door but you'll most probably spend that on cheap booze anyways. Like in most of those bars, alcohol is flowing freely and you're guaranteed to make a few new friends that are very interested in meeting foreigners. The best cheap bar in Moscow that is close to you, no matter your location.