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15 Secret Insights about Russian Women and Sex

Russian Women


Of all the guides I wrote for this site this is probably my favorite one. Sex and Russian women belong together like strawberries and cream. Both already delicious but together they're a killer combination.


I'll break down all I've learned about Russian women in the sheets in all my years living in Russia. Get your hands out of your pants and pay some fucking attention cause you're about to learn a few lessons that will fix your broken sex life.

You'll learn:

  • If Russian women are good in bed
  • What kind of sex Russian women like
  • If Russian women are easy
  • Where to get laid in Russia
  • and much more...

I learned all that I know through hard practice. And no matter how much I personally read and learn from men that are more successful than I am, I also only learn through practice. 

But if you want to have an unfair advantage then read my 15 secret insights about Russian women and sex.

1. Are Russian women good in bed? Not good - they are MADE for sex

More than anything else, men want to know if Russian women are really so good in bed as rumor has it.

I don't know if there's a female population thats more idealized and connotated with sex than Russians. Brazilians might come close but only close. In the old Bond movies the “female villains” often used to be Russian femme fatales that tried to seduce Bond, only to fall for his superior charm.

Not saying that it’s laudable but Russian women also often work as strippers or sex workers abroad. In fact, I had clients come to Moscow and be disappointed when I tell them that prostitution is technically illegal in Russia.

“But it’s the capital of whores”

Yea that’s your biased perception right there.

So where does this perception come from?

I’d say it’s mostly down to Russian women accepting and embracing their role as women. Russian women are still women in the most primal sense. They care a great deal about very female things like looking your best, keeping your man happy. Since we're men and we can't really think past 12cm heels and stockings, our male brains over decades developed this connection that Russian women = sex godesses.

Luckily, this perception totally holds true most of the time. I don't know if it's something in the water or they're getting seperate sex ed or what. But 4 out of 5 times sex with a Russian girl will be fire. I've been living here for quite a while so I might be biased already But I cannot remember other nationalities being as overproportionately talented in the sheets like Russian women are. In my group of friends here we have an inside joke about how Russian girls never disappoint to fuck you good.

They (literally) know which buttons to press and how to satisfy a man. The hotter the woman, the more likely she is to be exceptionally good. These women know that their beauty is their primary resource so they use it unaplogetically and ruthlessly.

Are Russian women good in bed?

My answer is a resounding yes, Russian women are amazing in bed.

sexy russian woman

2. Are Russian women easy? (mostly) No!

Russian girls are not easy at all.

Quite the opposite in fact.

I consider Eastern European women some of the hardest women around (if we leave out Muslim countries for obvious reasons). Don't think you’ll come to Russia and get laid left and right. The women are much shrewder and much more capable and know exactly what they want.

You have to understand that Russian women don’t have the same modus operandi like Western women. There’s a significant cultural difference and I’m going to explain you why this is a false rumor.

easy russian woman

3. What do Russian women want? Commitment!

This is another question Western men are trying to figure out. What is it that they want?

Russian girls always want some form of commitment.

Yea there are exceptions to that. One-night-stands happen like in every other modern society.

But in general, the relationship scene is more conservative because you need to commit.

There are two options.

Either the girl is a gold digger or an outright prostitute. You will have to commit with your wallet. Straight cash or gifts. To your credit card it won’t matter but at the end of the day she wants you to pay before she gives up the pussy.

There’s a significant number of women who operate like this but they’re not the majority. Generally, the hotter a girl is the more options and incentive she has to ask for financial commitment from a man. Russian women are ruthless so these girls won’t bat an eye, trying to extract as much financial resources from as many men as possible.

The other option is time commitment.

There are plenty of women who don’t ask for expensive shit or anything at all in fact. But they want a relationship. They want your attention. They want your TIME.

That means going on plenty of dates. If you’re used to getting laid on the second or maximum third date then I have bad news for you my friend. That can happen in Russia but I would say it’s not the rule.

Maybe 30% of the girls I dated and eventually slept with, I did so on the third date or earlier. It can take up to 8 dates and I’m not kidding. The women screen hard. It’s not easy to get around this, especially if you want to date a woman that’s not of average looks.

So it all boils down to having to invest either your time or your money. This isn’t a hard rule and there are plenty of exceptions to it. Russia is not for impatient men.

4. Are Russian women slutty? They date around but don't sleep around

Maybe you’ve already spent time in Russia or went on dates with Russian women. There’s a good chance you’re now thinking something like this:

“Yea Ivan that’s maybe true but I know these girls who are constantly getting hit up by guys to go put with them. And you want to tell me they are not banging any of them?”

First, you should always assume that a girl has someone somewhere on speed dial. Even if it’s not true, assume it. Cause she could get someone at the snap of a finger.

Second, yes, they are getting hit up constantly. And they probably are going out with lots of guys. But they aren’t fucking lots of guys. That’s not how Russian women roll.

Russian women are selective. And Russian women are CUNNING. They aren’t going to fuck some guy only because he’s funny or because they liked his travel stories. Exceptions exist but the overwhelming majority does not.

They are dating around to find the “best deal”. Which guys pursues them the hardest? Which guy do they like the most? Who’s “worthy”? Casual sex in Russia still is not as widespread as in the West. Neither are casual relationships.

Russia has, by and large, still a relationship-focused culture. Marry early, don’t fuck tons of guys, pop out a few children and don’t work hard or don’t work at all. That’s how a lot of women and men still think. That’s also why girls in Russia rather jump from relationship to relationship instead of from one casual dick to the next.

Don’t let them lead you astray with the amount of attention they are getting. Only one or two men usually have true access to a Russian women, all the others are only kept around as backups.

slutty russian

Not Russian but might as well be

5. Are Russian women kinky? Some...(but not all)

Those who haven't should read my post on sex parties in Moscow on this topic.

Especially Moscow and St.Petersburg nowadays are hard to distinguish from your average Western city. Pretty much all trends that catch on in the West are imported to Russia with a slight delay (luckily except for feminism so far). 

So don't be surprised when you see a lot of chokers, collars and other fasion accessories that used to be an exclusively BDSM thing but now are part of the mainstream. The Kremlin might promote one thing but deep down Russian are pretty perverted and very much into this. It isn't as big as in the US but only during my time in Moscow, the attendance at kinky parties multiplied. The same is true for swinger parties.

I'm not particularly into this scene but if you're interested you won't have to look too hard to find it. In fact, your best bet for "easy sex", apart from prostitutes of course, would be swinger parties.

And no, don't ask me where you can find them cause I don't give a fuck.

kinky russian women

6. How to get with a Russian woman? Booze makes them very, very horny

This is hardly groundbeaking insight but booze makes women want to fuck.

But with Russian women it's a whole other level. Booze turns ice queens into cock-hungry maneaters. I haven't seen this to such an extent with other women. At least this disparity.

That doesn't mean all the women all the time act like this. It doesn't even mean it will happen every time she's drinking. But rest assured that if you're seeing a girl kneading her titties in the club, she's down for some fun. 

 By and large, Russian women can keep their liquor pretty well. You won't see fights or girls pulling out their tits or other trashy behavior. But if you happen to be a good-looking male, you will get attention from girls extremely fast. The biggest difference between a sober and a tipsy Russian girl is that the latter won't have any inhibitions about communicating that she wants to fuck you. She might not do it then and there but she'll be very candid about her intentions.

Take notes and implement this knowledge when you get the chance to...

7. Where can you find Russian women? Try on holidays...

...because there, they are much, much easier than at home. 

Again, not all women are easy all the time. But even Russian girls say Russian girls on holidays are sluts. It's not exactly a secret. 

They're probably not more so than other nationalities. But the disparity between how available they are at home and on holidays is the biggest. American girls are easy all the time. Traveling to Cancun doesn't make a big difference to them. A bikini won't turn Middle Eastern women from a devoted housewife into a free-thinking cumslut. Russian women though are "angels" at home but not so much abroad.

Holiday hotspots for them are:

  • Thailand
  • Cyprus
  • Turkey
  • Vietnam
  • Bali
russian woman holiday

8. Are Russian women loyal? Yes, they are faithful (to a degree)

I hope you're not rubbing your hands or your dick already after what I told you so far.

The truth is this: Russian girls are generally very loyal and devoted, They won't go dick-hopping in their 20s. They get one long-term boyfriend then the next then the next. Their YOLO phases are very short and mostly confined to one or two holidays in Cyprus or Thailand. If she respects and loves you she won't cheat on you.

BUT! There's always a but.

If you don't keep your woman in check.

If you don't sexually satisfy her.

If you're in her eyes not the best deal she can get.

She will cheat on you mercilessly. She might not even leave you. If you have a good job and take care of her lazy ass then she has no incentive to do so. But rest assured that she will have a few dicks on speed dial to make up for your non-performance in other aspects.

I've known, seen and experienced plenty of very fit Russian women in their 30s and 40s who are fit and are keeping 2-4 men entertained without batting an eye. Her husband is her ATM. She might have a younger lover. Maybe another dude abroad. And she's still hitting the club.

These women are still very fit for their age. In other countries they'd pass as stunners but competition is fierce in Russia. She knows her value on the "open market" wot'ndlu be as high so she cheats instead. Plus, her husband is doing the same with younger women so it's a fair trade.

Might sound fucked up but that's the bare-bones reality of Russian relationships.

9. Do Russian women sleep around? There's no friends with benefits culture

Friends with benefits isn't an expression that translates to Russian. There are a couple of substitutes for it but no fixed and popular expression like in English.

That's because the whole concept is still pretty alien to Russians. Yes, they sleep around occasionally. Yes, you can keep a full roster of women that will fuck you. But depending on the age and character of the woman, you will have more or less problems with covering up your trail if you want to do that.

Casual dating as in fucking with no questions asked isn't something that women generally will accept or, god forbid, propose. You'll get slapped with relationship talk sooner rather than later. You'll get a huge jealousy scene when she busts your ass with another woman.

Although cheating is deeply engrained in the culture, Russian women really only make their peace with it in their 30s. Girls in their 20s will often try to lock you down, espeically if you're a good catch. Depending on your skills and your status, you will or won't be able to keep several girlfriends if you wish to do so.

friends with benefits russia

Hard to come by (officially)

10. What do Russian women like in bed? 

Blowjobs aren't always a thing

When I first arrived in Russia, I repeatedly used to run into the following problem.

I'd meet a girl, take her home and get to work. But she'd be adamant about not wanting to suck dick.

Pardon me??

With your pants down, it takes a hell of a man to refuse sex over something like this so I grudgingly caved when they didn't want to do it. But I found it very odd. Especially because in Western countries blowjobs are considered to be "not a big deal".

"well I just sucked him off" 

"oh it was just a beejay"

"I'm not going to fuck you but I can suck you off if you want to"

Implying like a blowjob is like ordering an espresso. You won't hear this from a Russian woman ever.

Ever since, I've had this problem less and less. Still, when I talked with other guys, it turned out that I wasn't the only person who noticed this.

A few weeks ago I came across an article from an ex-escort girl. She mentioned how after her retirement she did not feel obligated to suck off a guy she was dating because he was "not doing enough" (or some other dumb female logic). I've heard something along the same lines from women as well so it might really be something that certain women "save" for their loved ones.

Weird nonetheless.

hot russian woman

11. Do Russian women like it rough? 

If so far I gave you the impression that she'll put on a pornstar show once her clothes come off, then I wholeheartedly apologize.

Russian girls really love sex. 

But they love pretty standard, dominant sex. It's not like all women all of a sudden are into being tied up and get stuff shoved up everywhere (although you can get them to like that fast). Dick her good and deliver a solid, dominant performance with some basic things like spanking and hair-pulling. That's totally fine and more than enough to satisfy most women. There's no performance pressure to completely ravage them Pierre Woodman-style.

If you want to though, a lot of women will down for that too.

12. It goes down on the dachas

I have to make a confession here.

One of my greatest regrets and biggest shortcomings is that I've never gotten invited to a dacha party.

Go ahead and crucify me.

It's probably because I don't bother to make a lot of friends. But I know for a fact that the craziest shit goes down on the dachas. I've heard from many a girl unrated stories from dacha parties. Full-on orgies rarely happen in the club but you have a good shot of making it happen in the dacha.

Dacha parties are pretty much the Russian equaivalent of "going to vegas". If your woman ever announces she's going to the dacha with "her friends", you better fuckin triple-check there are no guys around and they won't have any possibility to call any for backup. I'm not even joking it.

If she is taking men with her to the dacha, she will get dicked out, you can take that to the bank.

In fact, Russia's most famous fake rape claim was from an underage girl at a dacha party. The short version is that she got too drunk and fucked one guy first, then the other and decided to change her mind the next day. She claimed rape and the guy had to guy to prison over this. So this isn't a thing that only happens in the West. Google Diana Shurygina for more info on that story.

If you happen to be invited to one then I'm waiting for your report cause you're a step ahead of me on this one.

sexy russian woman

This picture is only here to distract you

13. You will be taken for a ride if you are an easy target

This one is important if you’re a foreigner who’s coming to Russia for a bit.

I got more bad news for you. 

If you’re a dork and rich and don't know how to handle women then you’ll be in trouble.

You’ll get plenty of attention but no action. But you’ll end up paying and paying a lot. Again, Russian women are ruthless. They won’t hesitate to dangle the carrot in front of you to extract drinks or dinners or gifts or whatever from you. And at the end you get nothing. Don’t underestimate them. Russian women know how to weaponize their femininity. If you don’t believe me then google how other guys got scammed in Russia. That will tell you all you need.

14. Russian women will frustrate you

Even if you’re not a dork and know your way around women, you might get frustrated by how slow things move or how fickle Russian women can be.

I can’t even recall how many times one of the following has happened to me:

  • They don't want to kiss you on the first date

When I first arrived in Russia, I used to think this is important. Stand your ground I thought. Make your intentions clear.


Subtlety is king in Russia. There are other means and ways to communicate your interest. Nowadays, I rarely even bother to go for the kiss on the first date. In Russia it’s totally normal to not kiss on the first date. I’d say about half of the girls don’t do it.

  • They come to your place but don't fuck you

This isn’t only restricted to Russia but that has happened to me a few times as well.

Yes, if you invite a girl over then she should know what’s up. And she does. But that doesn’t mean that you’re GUARANTEED action.

Sometimes they’re just hell bent on not having sex with you and there’s no way how you’ll change their mind. Especially if you haven’t seen her a lot of times and she’s quick to come home with you,that might happen. Obviously I’m not talking about going home with you after the club but regular dates. Don’t push it too quickly but feel the situation out first.

  • They grab your dick in the club but don't fuck you

This one is BIG with Russian women (Pun intended).

When they start drinking, they become really horny. And when they’re horny, all hell breaks loose. That’s probably how this rumor started in the first place. Some guy got his dick massaged on the dancefloor by a Russian girl and all of a sudden all Russian women were easy.

Yes, there’s a good chance that might happen if you get drunk and go to the right nightlife places. Still, even that doesn’t guarantee action yet. Easy come easy go.

  • They don't want to leave the cab after coming home with you

Maybe you’re past the basic playboy level and converted her dick grab into a cab ride home. You better make sure she is actually aware and down to do the dirty deed because she might change her mind on the way home. I’ve had multiple instances where girls would just not get out of the cab. Better double-check that to save yourself a pair of blue balls.

  • They keep staring at you but once you approach they give you the cold shoulder

This could happen if you’re too indecisive. You look over once. You look over a second time. She’s still staring at you. Finally, after a few minutes you decide to go over. She turns around and isn’t having any of it. Wasn’t she just eye-fucking you second before? What happened?

You took no action. One glance is good enough. Russian women can be quite straightforward when they want to meet you. They might even start talking to you but they’ll definitely give you obvious enough eye-fucking. If she gives you the cold shoulder afterwards, you waited too long. Lesson learned.

sexually frustrated man

It can be frustrating but try not to go completely off the rails.

15. Here's where you can get laid in Russia

If you think you're in for a sexapalooza when you fly to Russia then I'll have to disappoint you. 

There are a few rules of thumb that you can follow in terms of how to get laid fast in Russia:

  • Moscow and St.Petersburg are their own universe and much more Westernized and liberal in that sense.
  • The smaller the city, the higher the probability that girls are conservative. "Crazy travel adventures" will be the exception to the rule.
  • Bars and nightclubs are (unsurprisingly) your best best for fast sex.
  • Hipster girls in electro clubs will be easier than dolled-up princesses in high-end clubs. Unless you can provide cocaine, then all bets are off.
  • Girls from the Caucasus region are the toughest to crack. Very rarely you'll find an "open-minded" girls from that region. 
  • A few selected holidays like New Year's Eve, Halloween and International Women's Day are pretty much a free-for-all for experienced playboys.

Generally though, don't expect fast success unless you're surpremely good with women and ideally even speak some Russian. So no, Russian girls are not that easy.

I came to Russia in 2014 to study. I thought I would leave after one year to pursue a boring office job. But this country offers the adventures and opportunities that you don’t find anymore in the West. I decided to stay in the Wild East.

If you’re sociable, communicative and speak their language, Russians love you. I was decent at the former two and I learned the latter. These days my Russian is fluent and I keep improving my communication skills every day.

I strongly believe that confidence and persistence are the keys to success when dealing with Russia and its people. My mission is to help you to establish a connection with this amazing country, be it through dating, life or language.

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