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10 Efficient Ways How to Meet Single Russian Women

Russian Women


You want to meet Russian women but you don't know where to start?


It's a pity that the World Cup isn't held in Russia every four years because that was a great opportunity to meet Russian ladies. But don't despair, I put together a list of 10 ways on how to meet them.

Meet Russian women on Tinder...

The number one and most efficient way if you are really dead-set on meeting a Russian lady is to go online and fire up some dating apps.

Which one though?

I can tell you from experience that only TWO are really worth the hassle.

Tinder and Badoo.

First, Tinder. Everyone knows Tinder and yes, I know it’s a hookup app in the West but less so in Russia. Most of the girls on Tinder are actually not looking only for a quick fuck. Hooking up for sex only isn’t as common in Russia as it is in the West.

Tinder has several advantages. First, it’s the most widespread app and has the least tainted perception. I’ve tried all of the Russian dating apps and they just SUCK in comparison to Tinder.

Second, you’re most likely looking for women that speak English. Well, Tinder is your best bet then. On all other apps and dating websites the ratio of English speakers will be even lower. Even if only 50% of the women on Tinder are English-speakers that’s already a win.

Third, Tinder is in comparison to the other apps and dating sites relatively affordable, yet still gives you the chance to search in different cities (if you have the upgrades). Its usability is also head and shoulders above everything else in the online dating world.

...or on Badoo

Badoo is your other option. Its functionality and usability is comparable to Tinder and it also has a big user base. Pretty much all the advantages I listed for Tinder are true as well for Badoo. It’s just a bit worse across all of them but still useful enough.

You need to get the fully upgraded versions of both apps but they’ll be worth it. Tinder is particularly valuable if you’re planning a trip to Russia. Badoo is a bit better with filtering options and you can actually search for Russian-speakers outside of Russia.

Anyone who’s trying to forward you to any of the big matchmaker dating sites is only looking to make a buck on affiliate commission. I don’t give a damn about that, I’d rather give you honest and real advice. Don’t bother with Russian sites either because they’re much worse than Tinder and Badoo.

The same goes for VKontakte, which is the Russian Facebook. You’re looking for a needle in a haystack if you’re trying to find single Russians to date on there. How’d you feel if a woman started sending you messages on Facebook out of the blue? Pretty confused I guess. So don’t do that. If you really want to meet Russian women through online dating then stick to the options I recommended.

how to meet russian women

A typical online dating photo

Meet Russian women in Prague...

I lived in Prague for half a year, so I have solid first-hand experience of this city. Prague has a big Russian diaspora with lots of Russians living and studying there. These are often children of Russians that couldn’t or wouldn’t send their kids to London but still wanted them to study in Europe. These Russians are often quite Europeanized and speak Czech. Sometimes they have two passports too. As such, they’re more liberal about certain things than Russians in Russia (yea, I know what you’re thinking about…).  

There are also lots of Russian tourists in Prague since it is is only a short and affordable flight away from Moscow and other Russian cities. It’s picturesque, located in Europe and good for a weekend getaway. As such, it passes most of a Russian woman’s requirements for a vacation spot.

By the way: no, there aren’t as many porn stars in Prague as you might think or hope. You’re around 10 years late for that. But you can go to nightclubs with a high proportion of Russian guests. The best nightclubs to meet Russian girls are Nebe and Duplex.

prague old town

...or London...

Another city I lived in and another city with a massive Russian expat community. If you meet a Russian girl in London, she’s almost certainly going to be from a well-off family case that city is sort of expensive y’know. Pretty much all that is true for Prague is equally true for London. Just take it up a notch, which means girls in London are going to be more expensive.

Just like in Prague lots of the girls are somewhere half-way between European girls and Russian girls. They dress and behave like Russians but they’re more open-minded, not only in terms of sex.

Of course there are tons of tourists too. In relation to other destinations But compared to other destinations, London is only “medium popular” among Russians.

london westminster

...or Dubai

In the last one to two years I’ve noticed a massive trend of Russian girls traveling there. I basically cannot open my Instagram account without coming across a new story or photo of yet another holiday in this location. I am talking of course about DUBAI.

Truth be told, I’m not even sure whether I can tell you why Russian girls love Dubai. Maybe it’s the shameless flaunting of wealth that is a huge turn-on for 80% of Russian women. Maybe it’s the massive shopping malls they built there. And we all know only too well how much Russian women love their shopping malls. The good weather doesn’t hurt either.

Whatever it is, Dubai attracts girls from all social classes. From escort to gold digger to middle class girls and even lower class girls that are dropping their savings on a trip to malls in the desert. Getting there from Russia is fairly cheap and Dubai trips have become a huge status boost to show off on your social media. However, a lot of Russian women there are either traveling as couples or escorts so it might not be the best place to find a woman to date.


Meet Russian party girls in Cyprus...

Cyprus is a popular tourist destination because of cheap flights and an easy visa process for Russian citizens. Ayia Napa is ground zero for party travel. Disregard the drunken British teenagers and focus on meeting one of the many Russian girls there on their summer vacation. You will come across the occasional big mixed group of friends. Hell, some girls are even brave enough to go there with their boyfriends. But lots of them will be with one or two girlfriends.

Ayia Napa attracts mostly middle class girls that can afford a holiday abroad but cannot afford more expensive places like the US or French or Italian Mediterranean. It’s their one big holiday of the year and that brings along a strong “what happens here, stays here” type of attitude. That, and the 24/7 party vibe, make Ayia Napa one of the best place to meet Russian girls. The best nightclubs to do so are Red Square, SoHo and The Castle Club.

ayia napa

...or Thailand

This is yet another extremely popular, visa-free tourist destination for Russians. Thailand offers the ultimate combination of party travel and nature. Like Dubai, it has even grown in popularity recently because it offers a lot for a fairly low price. The Russian girls you’ll meet in Thailand are most likely not going to be nuns – everyone knows the famous and infamous nightlife there. Travel to the South of the country to party and to the North for the nature and the sights.

Like in Cyprus there are also Russians that straight up live in Thailand. Some of them are retired but some also just can afford to escape the miserable Russian winters. That means you get anything across the board from well-off Muscovites to girls from provincial Russia. The crazy nightlife in Thailand pretty much guarantees a hell of a time. 

I heard that Vietnam is also popular among Russian tourists, as a sort of cheap version of Thailand.


Meet Russian women in Russia: In nightlife...

I'm not a big fan of online dating. I prefer getting to know a women in real life. It doesn't get much easier than in Russian nightlife. All fans that came for the World Cup loved the nightlife in Russia. And why shouldn't they? Russian women love to have fun and few will say no to a good party. Maybe you have seen this famous video from 2018...

Unfortunately, the clubs and bars in Moscow and St.Petersburg are not quite as packed with women as on that particular night (also during the World Cup). But going to a nice restaurant or club is probably the easiest way how to meet a Russian woman in Russia.

...or in parks...

Maybe you are not the type for clubs and bars. No problem. In Russia, parks are just as popular among women. Russian girls love walks as dates. So why not go for a walk in one of the many parks and meet a girl there? There is no lack of options. In Moscow you have:

  • Gorky Park
  • Zaryadye Park
  • Sokolniki
  • Tsaritsyno

And many smaller ones. In St Petersburg there's:

  • Primorskiy Park
  • Alexander Gardens
  • Catherine's Park

Getting to know women in the park is as easy as in the nightclub. And for sure it feels better than online dating.

single russian girl

or in galleries!

Rarely will a Russian woman reject a trip to a gallery. Even if she doesn’t give a damn about art, she’ll have the opportunity to take pics for her Instagram. Hence, why it's the perfect opprtunity to meet Russian women. You might be a complete noob when it comes to gallieries. That's even better! Ask the next cute girl you see to explain all this Russian art to you because you don't know a thing about it. And before you know it, you are already on a date with her.

I came to Russia in 2014 to study. I thought I would leave after one year to pursue a boring office job. But this country offers the adventures and opportunities that you don’t find anymore in the West. I decided to stay in the Wild East.

If you’re sociable, communicative and speak their language, Russians love you. I was decent at the former two and I learned the latter. These days my Russian is fluent and I keep improving my communication skills every day.

I strongly believe that confidence and persistence are the keys to success when dealing with Russia and its people. My mission is to help you to establish a connection with this amazing country, be it through dating, life or language.

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