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Ivan from Moscownightguide

My name is Ivan. I'm German but I've been living in Moscow for over three years.

I've spent thousands of hours learning how to successfully date Russian women, speak fluent Russian and understand the intricacies of Russian culture.

Save yourself the hard work and learn from what I've learned.

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The #1 reason why you're not happy with your women situation is because you haven't learned to maximize your strengths

Everyone has unqiue strenghts and weaknesses. Over my years in Russia I figured out what "clicks" best with Russian women and how to attract the type of women you like regardless of who you are. In my newsletter on focus on what I know and what I can help you with:

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    How to get stunningly beautiful Russian​​​​ women to fall for you
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    How to speak Russian like a pro
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    How to Avoid costly mistakes by understanding Russian culture